Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sounds like pan sonic

finn johannsen kindly invited me to contribute to his 'rewind' series over at sounds like me. i chose to talk about one of the most important influences on my musical development, pan sonic. you can find the interview here (including a link to a live recording from pan sonic at sonar). much thanks to finn for the opportunity to discuss an act that is very close to my heart.


  1. very nice to read the interview. thanks for sharing this one chris. download the pan sonic set as well :-)

    greetz from dave / evad

  2. Great interview Chris. I had a similar experience, I was too young for the early days, but started winding backwards around '99-'00 and became enthralled with the possibilities. My muse was Aphex Twin though. Pan Sonic were very soon after, truly mindblowing when I found them. I also find it sad they don't receive enough love...

    Chris, were you at the Melbourne show with Pan Sonic and Sun O)) about 2005? I was there thankfully, to see all the metal heads go wtf for a while. Brutally loud.

    My migraine came afterwards though ;)

  3. Plus, that was my first post after freeloading your ridiculously good sets for about forever... great blog and look forward to where it goes from here!

  4. this interview is one great translation into words of what I've experienced by listening to Pan Sonic since 2003.
    thanks a lot for posting the sonar 2008 live too. I was there and had a quite unique physical experience (no chemicals involved) : halfway to their show, I felt my body starting to spin on its axis, and I really had to struggle to stand straight up and just dance in a 'convential' way. has anyone felt the same kind of dervish effect, or am I a freak ?
    besides, about the Pan Sonic influenced techno acts, I would add Emptyset, and their eponymous album released last year on Caravan. I was glad to find an act that could transcend their powerful and radical sonic and rhythmical approach, with the raw funkyness lacking to Sleeparchive for instance.
    well, hope to see one of their last shows, if any, and can't wait to discover their next solo adventures...

  5. @ A: yes, it was that melbourne show. one of the best nights i've had musically speaking. amazing.

    @ saintplacid: agreed on emptyset, they slipped my mind when answering the questions. big fan of their work. you should be hearing more about them on ssgs soon...

  6. nice read. i totally agree with your thoughts on pan sonic chris. some of my favourite music that stands in a whole field of its own...

  7. Wow- I didn't know Chris had a last name. :P

    Seriously though- I never really got around to listening to Pan Sonic. Even though I wanted to, it just hasn't really happened yet (there's a lot of music out there in the world). I just got Oleva by Mika recently and I've been wading into that. I expect that I'll eventually come to love it- it comes across as one of those albums that you like at first, and then as you get more comfortable with it, it eventually becomes a part of your life you can't live without.

    What I'm trying to say is that this interview got me excited about entering the world of Pan Sonic. And the mix/ performance seems like a perfect place to start. So thanks!

  8. @ brad: yep, that's me. try to keep a lower profile online...

    glad the interview helped. my suggestion would be to start with their earlier stuff, it is more accessible. what i'd say about pan sonic is some of it can just be too much. dont expect to like all of it. but it is really worth exploring their sound and also mika's solo stuff. amazing, distinctive music.

  9. "to see all the metal heads go wtf for a while. Brutally loud" (copy pasting A's words)

    felt exactly same way when i saw them last December live in athens..

    huge sound*

  10. @ saintplacid
    this kinda experience: music, artist, performance bending your mind & your body as well...

    i ve experienced in synch 2006 http://www.synch.gr/index.php?lang=1&cid=7
    when i listened to Underground Resistance! Not only did i cry when i heard Final Frontier played live with instruments! but i also left the fest after their performance cause i was so much touched by what i was hearing i couldn't take any more... (not to mention i lost Aux 88 who played a bit later) although i regret leaving the fest so early that night, i will never forget how completely satisfied to the bone (musicalwise) i felt by UR..

    my second huge time (one ofs) was listening to Jamie Lidell live performance at a year's synch fest again, don't remember which.. he was sweating, singing, bleeping, making sounds, recording live, sampling his voice... My god i lost my mind, my voice, my knowledge about performing, djing, singing, dancing... i was left with open nerdy mouth wide open...

    so dear saintplacid no you are not a freak, you suffer under tremendous amount of sensitivity on music!

    your doctor wonderli sincerely,


  11. @Chris: Don't worry. I'm sure your secret identity will be kept safe amongst the SSGs. ha ha

  12. only listened to Vainio's stuff before a couple of days ago. thanks a lot for motivating me to delve deeper into their sound. Kulma is absolutely blowing my mind. on my second listen now and I cant believe how good it is.

    looking forward to checking out more of their work


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