Friday, February 26, 2010


tomorrow i leave wales and the UK for a new, and happier, life in tokyo. the last year and a half here has been the most challenging period of my life, but i got through it, and learned a lot and am now heading to j-land. anyway, i just wanted to thank all the ssgs out there that have supported me along the way. i've made many great friends and connected up with some wonderful people during my time here. i look forward to that continuing in tokyo, which could impact on the blog in some interesting ways. lets see... speaking of which, we have been listening to you, and PC and i have come up with a new mix series plan for later in the year, something we are very excited about. a bit different but we have high hopes for it. but more on that later...

on my way to japan, i'm stopping off in berlin for a couple of days. hopefully i'll see some of our german ssgs out this weekend. on saturday night, i'm heading to maria for the electrodes & wires party with cheap & deep, dasha rush, and adam x, then over to berghain for the sandwell district party. sunday night i'm off to the waxtreatment session. so if you are about, please say 'hi'. very glad to finally be back in berlin.

then it is going to be a very busy month in tokyo. i feel like i am getting back to japan at just the right time, as it really feels like the scene is starting to head in the right direction. in march there are some great parties: lerosa, deepchord, delta funktionen, mika vainio, shackleton, and a mule night with levon vincent and terre thaemlitz (albeit at womb). and yellow has just reopened under the name 'eleven', but with basically the same crew, so that is another positive development. plus it looks like we are in the process of putting together some cool collabs with people in tokyo and elsewhere.

ah, and for those who want some music, check these two recent mixes from dave at sonic sunset, both are fantastic and will be keeping me company as i travel: idle blues mix and emotions unknown mix.

well, in short, exciting times ahead! hope to see some people this weekend in berlin, and tokyo after that...


  1. good luck with the move Chris. Looks like we're coming back to Japan in September and that can only mean one thing.... see you there :-)

  2. looking forward to get drinks with you at the berghain bar tomorrow..!

  3. because you mentioned wax treatment...
    check out their mix series:

    deep dubstep and bass-focused beats. i had been turned off of dubstep for a while, but after my recent (very late) discovery of skull disco, and with these excellent wax treatment mixes, i'm slowly getting back into the sound...

  4. Idle blues mix is brilliant, big up David. Best of luck with the move Chris. Keep up the great work with mnmlssgs!
    Nige (Manchester)

  5. Yeah good luck from me too.

    That lineup at Berghain looks sick beyond belief. What time do they stop playing in the main room at? Seriously need to get myself over there. Probably wont have a chance for at least a year though, unless i win the lotto without even playing it

  6. Can anyone put a name to that track with the piano at the start of Dave's Idle Blues Mix! Thanx

  7. should be Efdemin "Acid bells" (Martyn's bittersweet mix). sweeet indeeed

  8. Good luck moving man. Hope the future brings great things for you and the blog.

  9. The emotions unknown mix rules!


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