Thursday, February 4, 2010

february: where next?


a few days late, but here is the discussion thread for february. this is a space to discuss whatever you want that fits within what the blog is about. saying that, one thing PC and i are very keen to hear your thought and talk about is the direction of mnml ssgs. we are now both thinking and debating a lot about where to go with the blog. in just over 2 years we've accomplished far more than we ever expected or dreamed. the support we've received is incredible and continues to grow. indeed, the last month has been one of our most successful yet, averaging more than 1,000 hits per day. but as our position has changed and the blog has developed, we are now wondering if it has altered what we can and should do with mnml ssgs. for us, it has always been meant as an open experiment, and we strongly value the engagement and thoughts of all our fellow ssgs out there. so please, any thoughts you have about what mnml ssgs is doing, and where you think we should be going, fire away.

and after listening to an absolute killer drexciya special today, this seemed like the perfect track to complement the thread:


  1. I say keep on doing what you're doing. I like the direction this blog is taking. The posts and articles never cease to amaze, inform, or appeal to me.

    If there was one thing, I'd like to see more interviews.

  2. @JasonRule

    I actually think they should veer away from doing interviews. Part of the reason I like this blog is how little information I know of certain artist mentioned; the only exposure being the mix or release posted.

    There is a sort of mysterious and exclusive feel that I think will be lost if interviews are done.

    As for a suggestion - talking podcasts. Maybe totaling 10-20 minutes where the ssgs crew talk about current releases they are liking, upcoming releases and/or parties to look forward too, etc. with little samples of the tracks talked about being played in the background or something. Such a pipe dream but worth mentioning I guess.

  3. @ jason: thanks for the support. a major reason there are very few interviews here is that they take a huge amount of time to do and the payoff is normally not much, and rarely does it generate much engagement. the perfect example is our interview with terre thaemlitz. PC did an amazing interview, but most people just overlooked it or didnt engage.

    @ bewgls: the talking podcast is a great idea. i am not sure if we'd have the time to do it in the near future, but it is something to keep in mind. thanks for the suggestion.

  4. I agree that a podcast would be great to listen to. It would be interesting to play with the podcast format, like: a track or even a whole mix, followed by a discussion about the track recorded *immediately* after listening to it.

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  6. I for one am suffering from mix/ podcast fatigue. The number of new mixes doing the rounds is frankly out of control and it's very difficult to digest them all half the time (er... hello FACT). The quality control of the ssgs series has been remarkably tight and I've gotten a lot of pleasure from them. I’d personally like to see a break from the mix series (I know Chris has already talked about this) but would love to see a continuation in the discourse that the ssgs platform provides (whether it be event reviews, general banter and mix recommendations). I really hope the blog continues in some shape or form.


  7. Keep with the same formula...which is no rules! you aren't just a site with minimal, or techno, or house, or dubstep...or any other one word name that describes moving sound. Discovering new artists who are dedicated to their craft is always refreshing, and a lot of other blog sites seem to only feature popular names with less than impressive mixes.

    thank you

  8. I think this site serves a purpose. Not only for me but for others as "the" place to find out about breaking new and underground techno talent. Its become a really solid resource for me to hear new artists and tracks ive never heard before. Its making its stamp on the net that underground techno is strong. I would imagine in the years to come there would be lots more of true techno talent who need a spotlight and a platform to get themselves heard. this is that platform.

  9. also..please next podcast STL mix!!


  10. I'd say keep it pretty much the same too. Keep highlighting good mixes from elsewhere as well. As the discussion on here seems to be pretty informed/respectful, I'd like to see more general discussion topics. For example: What are you listening to this month, or What do you think about some issue. This really is one of the few places where it's actually worth the time to read what other people have responded with.....I'm still holding small hope for one more Ancient Methods mix before you stop posting them.

  11. well ofcourse mnmlssg is another land for music, keep it this way, im not saying dont put anything new. i always thought that the idea behind the mnmlssgs was to educate people/make them look around and you have done a great job. talking podcast would be awesome. mix series at least once in a month would be also great. as i always said , more on the releases side, not like chart thingy but ways for people to talk about the releases you post (like the ones are might be worth checking out , something you find old, or that some new producers suggested to you). its still very early in the morning here so im gonna be back :)
    hehe the word i need to put in the box is : comerse reminded me of commerce and thats i what i love the ssgs there is none!

  12. Moving it here...
    "one thing we've been wondering, though, is whether through this it is has resulted in mnml ssgs becoming a bit more conservative and fixed than we originally planned, as we've forged a certain voice and promoted certain sounds. i feel like our position has changed a bit and we are probably not quite able to do what we used to."


    Could you elaborate on what do you understand as "conservative"? Or how this conservative position - not quite sure what the suitable noun would be here - was caused by "we've forged a certain voice and promoted certain sounds". I guess putting up more than 1 ssg mix from several artists is not enough for this categorization. Just asking, because I am not sure from your words how much this conservative, as indicator, reflects on the blog's general goal/style or the music liked/pushed by the bloggers behind it. Surely, these are very hard to separate, but I guess there is a separation, since the blog is the tool in this case.

  13. thanks for the great feedback guys. more replies later today when i get a chance. just quickly in terms of mixes:

    we asked STL for a mix back in july '08. he didnt have turntables so had to decline.

    the plan is to do some type of collaboration with ancient methods again in the future. not sure when or what, though.

  14. I enjoy ssgs because it is different to the more straight-laced format of sites covering similar music.

    I personally would like to see an implementation of something along the lines of LWE's BBH feature, shining a light on quality tunes from yesteryear which most recent fans might not be aware of.

    As a budding DJ, I would like to see more posts about new tracks since ssgs would most likely cover material not touched upon by the other sites.

    ssgs is one of the few to keep podcasts numbers to a reasonable amount while maintaining good quality control so yes, maybe FACT are silly enough to drown us all in a sea of mediocre mixes but I really feel that you shouldn't let that deter you from continuing the podcast series and at a similar rate to currently. When you're doing something with more integrity and of higher quality that the "competition", don't let them throw you off.

  15. agreed with most of the voices inhere,

    felt like throwing another idea on the table, maybe once a month (or more or less often), a reader could publish a post of his choice. Sth close to the site interests of course, like which artist has changed or influenced his life, about a record, a party, a music genre, etc, etc.. or even about connection of techno & football for instance, if there's any..
    joking guys! :-)

    (interactive communication and exposure of minds is always sth interesting)

  16. First of all, the stuff you have been doing has been great. However, it is understandable that you guys want to stay fresh and try new things. You obviously have a good taste in music, and I for one am very interested in the music you guys listen to beside the music we have been hearing thusfar (which is diverse, but many styles and sounds are not represented). What are your hidden jazz/funk/classical gems? Stuff like that.

    much love!

  17. I'm not so interested in intellectualizing art, music, techno, so I tend to shy away from most of the posts that discuss the "state" of the music and stuff. I'm not trying to discredit it, it's just not my thing.

    Nevertheless, I would agree with Brian. You should continue the mix series because it's unlike any other. Yes, the internet is flooded with mixes these days, but it's also up to the listener to discern which mixes are worth downloading.
    I, however, would be interested in future mix series with themes like and GU Nubreed, for lack of a better example.

    Lastly, Chris' ability to dig up quality mixes from the internet in astonishing. This is one of the primary reasons I keep coming back to mnmlssgs, so keep posting!

  18. I feel that the mix "portal" is the way forward. You seem to have that aspect dialed. Interviews and reviews don't seem to be this sites forté. From my perspective it seems gratuitously wordy and somewhat forced. To further that I often find this site "oversensitive" to comments and feedback. Don't get me wrong I check it fairly regularly, but more for the mixes and suggested mixes and less for the actual content and dialogue. Having said that it is easy to see that this site has been influential in many facets of the techno/house world.
    Not trying to be harsh, just constructive.

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  20. As far as I am concerned I think anything you choose to do will be done well. I discovered this blog thanks to a link to a mix from a Football forum of all places. Since then I have gone back through and downloaded and loved most of the other ssg mixes.

    Its a shame that you feel the need to stop the mix series but I am looking forward to wherever you decide to go next.

  21. I said this in the last thread, but I really hope you guys can continue some semblance of the ssgs podcasts. Maybe tone down the frequency if it's getting too repetitive, to highlight the truly awesome ones (not sure how the logistics of this would go, though).

    imo, the best thing about ssgs is the discussion and interaction between the whole crew and commentary. I'm sure that'll continue. I linked your 2009 retrospectives to more than a few friends. And on that note, I wouldn't mind seeing PS chirp in a little more often~

  22. Thanks people - lots of wonderful ideas so far, some confirming what we'd suspected, some surprising, all interesting...

  23. @ Chris

    That Ancient Methods Podscast changed my life man. I was waiting to hear sounds like that, but just didnt know where to find it. Who knows their style?? Dark and heavy, industrial, mysterious??. I guess. Probably the most epic mix for me this decade.

    Thanks, chris!

  24. @ Warsama: thanks. those words put a smile on my face at a moment when i am struggling with packing and difficult memories. i'm glad the AM mix hit you so hard. it had a big impact on a lot of people i think... they are keen to do something with us again, but last time i checked they were still collecting themselves after having their laptops stolen. i'll chase AM up soon when i get a chance. thanks again.

    more responses to. interesting discussion. thanks for the input.

  25. If it ain't broke.. this is the only mix series I download, and with good reason. The artists you have brought to us have really got me interested in techno/whatever you want to call it again when everyone else has been painting by numbers for the last few years.

    I'd prefer it stayed as a fairtilizer file rather than a podcast too. These mixes are too good to be just another 'cast that shows up in iTunes overnight, and it would diminish some of the excitement that comes with every new mix.

    If I could suggest one (more) thing... politely suggest Sandwell District come to Melbourne!

  26. yes AM and DOzzys changed a big piece inside me too!chris but they still do dj sets aint they? i might see them in my country quite soon, thank you! :)

  27. if the ssgs mix series comes to an end i will cry as its been one of the most inspiring and rewarding parts of my recent life. for people who no longer go out, listing to the incredible mixes is a way of enjoying staying inn.
    as someone who is not a dj and does not buy records the posts are always interesting and have reviews of records would be a waste as its done in many other arenas...carry on with links of other mind blowing mixes and dates of fantastic nights around the world. BLEEP 43 DOZZY thanks for the heads up..whatever you guys do i know it will be done wih passion and integrity and becouse its real to you.. so gratful for the impact you have had on my life..

  28. i do not accept with your saying about another sites , yes its done for some releases yes it may be written buyt not from mnml ssg point of view! everybody has got something to say

  29. I agree with almost everyone here. I really do not want to see the mix series go. It's the only mix series I actually look forward to. It made me discover so many artists I wouldn't have otherwise.

    There is something different about this blog that just works. I don't want to see anything taken away. Maybe lower the rate of how many ssgs mixes are put out, as said above.

  30. Just keep demanding more than the mindless, inoffensive guff that permeates the world. All that is good will surely follow.

  31. Can only add to what others have mentioned - I really enjoy the posts highlighting mixes from around the net (thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of the promo mixes series).

    I love the ssg mixes and agree I would rather they were scaled back than stopped entirely.

  32. the fact that you have 30+ comments in less than 2 days is testament to how appreciated this blog is. personally, it's helped really change and fine-tune my own tastes lately. i would LOVE to see the mix series continue, even if it's at a slower pace...

    also, if i'm allowed some self-hype: i put together my first ever mix. vinyl, one take, mp3@256. it's called tunnel_00, hopefully the start of a mix series at my blog. here's a zshare link:

    more info and a tracklisting can be found at my blog:

    i'd appreciate any feedback on it. cheers, guys :-)

  33. I'd add too about the mix series that for a lot of the earlier mixes I maybe wasn't super excited about them the first time I heard them, but am going back now and really really enjoying them. I think that says a lot about the influence this blog has had on my musical tastes. Would love o se it continue however (in)frequent.

  34. i would like to post something and maybe discuss.... I just listened today the current Techno Top Ten on Beatport. Its this really techno ? Maybe i am wrong in my head... maybe this is really Techno in the year 2010.. My head say this is commercial shit but maybe i am wrong..

  35. regarding the mixes:

    just realized (trigger event: dug up Falko's mix, for no reason) that of course, it is sad that the mix series stops/slows down, because they were indeed distinctive (looked for the word quite a lot)...but exactly this distinctive nature of these mixes make it possible to dig them up again and again, re-listen to them in given moments. when they fit! 50-52 exceptional mixes that are very different. I remember, the dominant feeling always was that it is hard to say which ssg mix is THE best, or top 3. And this is why they are the aces in the sleeves. From 50 quality mixes I can live for a long time...not to mention that these artists/or similar have other productions, records, etc.

    So, in a way it is sad. But on the other hand, with what has been done before we (ssgs) are somewhat assured. This is why Falko's mix was the trigger event. quote: it's a music that teaches you something about groove-based electronic music; that reminds you of important things; that re-focuses and refreshes you by showing you the new and the old, the glittering of the half-forgotten... classic, not plastic.

    This works for me when the ensemble of the ssg mixes are considered. Sorry for being too long. Cheers!

    PS: Falko's mix is indeed a happy-place!

  36. @Prologue I echo your sentiments!! Beatport top 10s and charts are mostly rubbish.

  37. @CT
    Agreed wholly on going back to the older ssg mixes and having a whole new appreciation for them!

  38. i just wanted to say thanks a lot for all the feedback guys. this is proving very useful. PC and i have been having some serious discussions, and have been thinking a lot about what has been said here.

    right now we are leaning towards finishing the mix series slowly, having the mixes every couple of weeks, but still bringing the series to an end. after that, there will be a bit of a break, but we are in the process of planning a different kind of mix series, which we are starting to get very excited about. also, in the interim i'll be continuing with the sunday sounds series, and getting some more special mixes for that.

    and for people who dont like how wordy the blog is, deal with it, in our work lives PC and i both spend most of our time thinking and writing, and this carries over into the way we think about and talk about music. one thing we try to do is to give people different ways/levels of engaging. if you dont like the more reflective posts, that is fine, just dont read them.

    anyway, please keep the comments coming. we are listening.

  39. If anything I'd like to see the blog occasionally get more wordy... go deeper and all that. I'm interested in the conditions which best ferment dance music communities... Techno vineyards if you will. Yes, we all know about Detroit, Chicago, Berlin... but what of some lesser known hotspots and why/how they've developed in the way they have. There's been discussion recently on the Italian scene... it seems to be a healthy one. But how did those Italo-Disco roots morph into the Deep Techno outpost of today? And why is Israel the home of Psytrance? Etc. It mystifies and fascinates me, especially considering all the forms of dance music that stay strictly local, never reaching our ears from the distant barrios they emanate from...

    Just a thought

  40. i was listening to a german blog/radio do a 'prologue label stream'. couldn't understand the german, but the music was great. here's the blog post and tracklist:

    and during some interview portions of the stream, i heard some of the slowed-down, disorienting beats that make up the beginning of the giorgio gigli mix. someone posted that it was stuff by mika vainio. i learned he also goes by [ohm] (?dunno how to type out the symbol), but otherwise i'm clueless. what stuff should i look up from this guy?

  41. @brian

    this could help:

    in the background it was Oleva (2008 album).

  42. @ Brian

    I think the track on the Gigli mix you're talking about is: Mika Vainio - Set the controls to the heart of the sun

    (As Zoller has mentioned) It's on the Oleva album.

  43. @ brian: yep, 'oleva' - beautiful album. mika has done some amazing stuff, both individually and as half of pan sonic. i just did an interview about them and also posted a live recording. have a look:

  44. does anybody know sets/live pa/podcasts floating around by Milton Bradley? Figured that even though he is one of those artists who really impressed me, haven't heard sets from this guy, only his releases. any info much appreciated.

  45. Just wanted to drop a comment to show my appreciation for the work you do here on this blog. Having been a fan of dance music for some years now, but always having focused on acid, dnb, dubstep and disco, mnml ssgs has really served as my introduction to the minimal side of techno. It's broadened my mind to a whole area of music that I don't think I would ever have found another point of entry to, and has given me the confidence to start stepping outside my comfort zone in terms of the nights and records I seek out now.

    I really like the length of the articles here, and the thought and effort that clearly goes into them. I think it's a shame that you've decided to take a rain check on the reflections on '09 because what you've posted so far was some of the most interesting, insightful writing on music that I've had the pleasure of reading in recent years.

    I totally understand the desire to stay fresh and avoid getting stuck in a rut, so I understand why you might wanna start winding up the current mix series. Better to start putting plans in action now, whilst you're still at the top of your game. Some of those mixes though (Silent Servant and Ancient Methods spring to mind) have really been instrumental in the development of my musical tastes over the past few months, so I'm excited to see what directions you end up travelling in in the future.

    Anyway, what seems clear to me is that with the amount of passion and effort that goes into mnl ssgs, whatever route you end up choosing for 2010 and beyond will no doubt be worth following.

    Big respect from here in sunny Manchester. Keep it up guys, and I'll be sure to pass the word on to anyone I know who I think has half a brain and a love for music that makes you move :)

  46. @Zoller

  47. @theyurinator:

    Thanks a lot, can't believe I missed that. Listened to the Kettenkarussell and Nuel mix extensively, and this slipped. A lot!

  48. @Zoller
    That Kettenkarussell set is out of control good, huh!! I've listened to that extensively too. Still listen to it every so often. Do you have their record too? One of my favorites from 2009!!

  49. @theyurinator:

    Unfortunately don't have the record. Missed the release, after that it became pretty hard to find it. But that mix was indeed some very refined stuff. Delikatesse, or what is the word.

  50. @ zoller: milton was supposed to do a mix for us. he agreed ages ago but i doubt it is going to happen before we finish.

    @ dd528: not too much to say besides thank you. comments like that are fuel for our fire. definitely helps give motivation to keep on going, take some risks and trust in what we want to do.

    thanks guys, we are listening. trust me.

  51. @Zoller
    If you ever see it anywhere for a decent price, definitely definitely try to get it. It's worth it. It's excellent. Exxxxxxxxcellent!!!

  52. hey, i know i've asked this before but i keep losing the link... anyone got any live cio d'or recording ? i'm listening to the 2008-08-15 set that's really really good, just looking for the link to share with others...

  53. i came to this party a bit late. for years, i thought that the underground had disappeared. i was wrong. cheers!

    i have a request: will it be possible, for those of us whom have not downloaded all of the mix archive, to prepare a single or maybe several consolidated downloads? i really want to snag them all before they dissappear. could you help?

    thanks again!

  54. Slightly OT here, but I don't understand why we let legendary artists off the hook so easily:

    Take a listen, then check out the comments. Apparently this 45 minutes of distorted semi-trainwreck is "rough and ready" and has a "dirty overdrive" sound.. Not to mention the ending that sounds like he ran out of casette tape.

    Had a forum nub submitted this mix he'd get laughed at and told to come back in 3 years. So why does a shit mix become good if a big name's attached?

  55. I don't see any great need to consciously change mnml ssgs too much, I think it changes on its own.

    Sometimes you guys run a fine line between introspection and melancholy, but I guess that's just you and it's how we know you (although I think I met one of you at a Daniel Bell gig once).


  56. hello people

    heve you checked the new knife album?

    it simply is superb =)

    i dont know if its appropriate or relevent to post this here, but its all about good music, isn't it? ...



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