Monday, October 24, 2011

Ticket info

For the last 2 years Mindgames, with our help, have experimented with a system for people from overseas to register for special discount tickets for Labyrinth to be held at the gate. For practical and other reasons, this will not be continued in 2012. Neither Mindgames nor MNML SSGS will be organizing ticket reservations for international guests. Instead it will be reverting to the previous format where tickets are only available for advance purchase through all the normal outlets in Japan, some of which offer online purchase. We thought it best to announce this now so people could factor it into their plans.


  1. im wondering why, foreigners arent very nice? wouldnt it be ironic, you arent japanese but you only sell to japanese ;)

  2. I hope at least one site will offer information in English!

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  4. it's not ironic in any way.

    i imagine it's a massive pain in the arse to organise like that, and that lots of people save tickets then don't go.

    i was extremely surprised that the mnmlssgs guys and russ both offered to hold me a ticket incase i could make it this year. and very grateful.

  5. @rokas, it reads like they will sell tix in Japan only, not to Japanese only. Big difference, no? But you could be right about the underlying intent - to deter the non-Japanese who apparently did not meet quality control standards ;-)

    JImmy, no-shows are not a problem if the tix are paid in advance, and the administrative hassle could understandably be one of the practical reasons. Anyway, a few no-shows from abroad would not be the main or real reason as the alleged 2500 attendance cap is not that strict. There are 'other reasons'…

    …It's not the first 'We know something but we're not going to tell you' coy flash of the soiled Labyrinth petticoats around here.


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