Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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Hello all, Chris and I are... not promoters. Which means doing the party things is tough. We get asked a lot, but... well, let's just say, as promoters, we make great opinionated SOBs. It must be the eyebrows. Anyway, I really wanted to have another ssgs xmas party this year, but was afraid I wouldn't be able to pull together something worth the name and your time. But I think we've done that. I say we, but... well, Tig and Blake have done most of the legwork here (thank you). The duo, who played at our last ssgs xmas party at Horse Bazaar, a actually *are* two of the best... well, not promoters exactly (I know this because they've never added me to any email lists without asking, and they actually do email you apart from when they want something). More like... gentlemen about town? They're also awesome DJs, and have been keeping things locked down at RAOBGAB (Buffalo Club) among other places. It's a perfect match, given that RAOB is one of only three or so places in Melbourne that has some fresh juice in the fruit. I have to mention also that Tig and Blake are putting together the Sugar Mountain Festival this coming year, Jan 14. The lineup is amazing - inc. John Maus!

So this is it: with Virgo Four you have two of the greatest original house producers alive playing, you have ssgs' mix guest and good friend Magda Bytnerowicz DJing (check out her Forty Fathoms mix if you haven't already), Tig and Blake keeping shit locked down, and Michael Kucyk, the voice and brain behind Noise in my Head, the show that, along with our good friend Dave's To and Fro, makes Sunday evening on RRR the best evening of radio in Australia, nay the interwebz.

Both Magda and Tig+Blake have promised me mixes to go along with this, so stay tuned for those. In the meantime, look forward to seeing you all at the Buffalo for some serious house shenanigans. I am genuinely excited and very proud.

*edit*: check out this recent live set from Virgo Four.

Virgo Four at the Rush Hour Label Night, on August 28 2011

this one is also available by subscribing to the boiler room podcast, which I highly recommend.



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