Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Five from Chris

I've been consuming a lot of music recently, playing catch up after being away and also preparing for our chill out party this Sunday. So there has been a lot of stuff I've listened to briefly, then put aside to return to later, or just sent straight to the trash bin. What I wanted to do here was pick out and share a few tracks that have avoided this trend and have been on heavy rotation. I've selected five, and PC will do the same thing in the coming days. My selection is not that representative of what I have been listening to overall, but whatever, these are all awesome:

Autechre – 'Skin Up You're Already Dead': I don't think this is an official release, but whatever, just get a copy because it is a beauty. Classic Autechre. That is really all that needs to be said.

Legowelt - 'Transmissions From Earth 2011' [Echovolt Records]: I know a lot of people really liked his recent free album, but for me it was just another example of Legowelt's frustrating ability not to fully cash out his ideas. But the man definitely has talent, and when he utilizes all of it, the results are special. This track is one of those occasions.

Arab League - 'Hollywood Goblin' [Universal Rejection]: The first time I listened to PVH's Smoke Machine mix this was the track that immediately hit me. Nothing too complicated, proper hands in the air rave music that does everything it is supposed to. I think this will probably make it into my end of year lists. What a killer.

Mark Ernestus Meets BBC – 'Version 1' [Honest Jon's]  - Quite simply, this is a perfect track. I was completely floored the first time I heard this. So precise and refined. I think the true beauty of it comes from how effortless the whole track feels. It just flows...

Innercity - 'The Pyramids Of Northeast Belgium' [NNA Tapes]: Innercity's music is tripped out, chaotic and demented - sometimes a bit too much so for my liking - but when it all comes together, wow... I'm not quite sure how this track sticks together, somehow it does. If I was a writer for Boomkat, I'd probably describe this as 'sounds like Legowelt in a mental institution thinking about flying unicorns'.

Ok, those are my 5. Fee free to contribute and leave comments with yours. PC will add his soon.


  1. Thanks for the ID of the Arab League track, I've loved it since I first heard it but this is the first time it's been ID'd for me. Awesome tune.

  2. Nothing to add, only that I like the picture.

  3. Nice Chris!
    just bought Yves de Mey_ 'Counting triggers' on Sandwell. very strong crawling soundscape. some muscular and mighty sounds that are tempered and controlled nicely through the release.

  4. First heard that Autechre tune back in '95 - it's actually a remix of St Etienne's Like A Motorway. Autechre at their least complicated and most effective. The chord sequence is classic early nineties Sheffield.

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  6. The Ernestus track is a keeper, for sure. The things I've come back to again and again recently are the two Abdulla Rashim EPs - the Smoke Machine podcast he put out was quality too...

  7. Second the thanks on the Arab League ID!

    It was also my favourite moment of PVH's Smoke Machine.

    I had even bought the flip - Le Coq!

    Amazing how happy finding a wanted track can make you feel.

  8. Not often remarked upon, but Chris is a genius with image search!

  9. Thanks nice list Chris. I've just ordered that Arab League record, sounds interesting. Between this and the nuel album it has cost me almost fifty bucks for two pieces of wax. I wonder why I'm so skint all the time, hmmmmm


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