Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ssg special - Roll The Dice

As PC detailed last week, Roll The Dice have been on our radar since their excellent debut album on Digitalis last year. This was followed by a rather massive live EP, a few impressive mixtapes (here and here), and now their next album, 'In Dust', which continues this strong trajectory. The new album is neither a simple repetition of their first one, nor a massive break from it. Rather, it is another steady, sure step forward. Given their name, which reflects the open approach to the creation of their music, what is noteworthy and rather distinctive about Roll The Dice is how careful and measured their output is. Compared to much of the neo-kosmische music currently floating about, this isn't simply just a couple of dudes jamming on some synths. The sound of Roll The Dice is much more measured, the influences distilled are perhaps more diverse. Then there is that certain sense of gravity that grabs your attention. And while the gravity is very noticeable, it is not overbearing. It is balanced and in proportion. This is what really stands out about Roll The Dice. It reminds me of the catch line for a bad advertisement we used to have in Australia: 'not too heavy, not too light, just right.' And this is what you'll hear in their mix for us, in which they pull together a range of different sounds to create something that is coherent and makes sense as a whole. It also reflects, and engages with, some of the themes of their new album in some interesting ways. Give it a listen and find out how Roll The Dice are 'just right':

Ssg special - Roll The Dice

Tracklist will be up next week. We've been pushing 'In Dust' pretty hard for a while, so hopefully you've all heard it. If not, we recommend purchasing a copy. Linking in with the new album, Roll The Dice are playing a bunch of shows over the next month or so. Based on their live EP, it sounds like they are not to be missed. Dates are:

Thu 27 Oct 2011 Kantine Am Berghain, Berlin
Fri 25 Nov 2011 Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht
Tue 29 Nov 2011 Point Ephémère, Paris
Wed 30 Nov 2011 Corsica Studios, London
Fri 2 Dec 2011 Urbaines Festival, Lausanne

For more info check their homepage and artist page at Leaf. Thanks to Roll The Dice for the mix, and to Ben at Leaf for helping to organise it. Enjoy.


  1. this is excellent ... has anyone told you I love you mnml ssgs

  2. This is fantastic. In Dust is one of my favorites of the year for sure.


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