Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Next chill out party - Sunday 23 October

Due to travel and various other commitments, it has been a while since our last chill out party, but now it is time for another one. The next Sound Garden is taking place on 23 October, 4pm - 11pm at Bar Orbit, and as always, entry is FREE! This month's guest is Yusaku Shigeyasu, a Tokyo-based DJ / producer / promoter / nice guy. Earlier this year he DJ'd at the excellent Free Rotation festival in the UK, which suggests he is alright behind the decks. The genre he is most closely associated with is dubstep, so perhaps we might be getting a different slant on the chill out vibe from Yusaku. We shall find out on the 23rd...

Sound Garden - October party

Guest: Yusaku Shigeyasu (Basement Ltd. / ALMADELLA)
Residents: David Dicembre (Combine) / Jelomu (Drone) / Chris (MNML SSGS)
Sunday 23 October
16:00 - 23:00
Bar Orbit, Sangenjaya

If you are not doing anything, come down, you'll have a great time. These parties have all been really enjoyable. It is a nice opportunity to relax with friends, have some drinks and food, all soundtracked by some ambient and down beats. Hope to see you there!


  1. Have a nice one.

    On a side note talking chillout (not really dubstep): This ambient mix from Abdulla Rashim is really delicious and highly recommended. Chris recommended his new EP on Twitter so I assume he most likely has heard it already.

    Still have to listen to Abdullas SmokeMachine-Podcast though.

  2. @ plan17: yep, checked that ambient mix. i really like it. this guy definitely has some interesting potential.

    @ rokas: thanks. should be lots of fun, as always!


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