Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Sounds

This Sunday I am revisiting a couple of mixes I dearly love. I've posted them here before, so chances are you might have heard them. That's fine. If you haven't listened to them lately, or you missed them the first time, I encourage you to check both. They might be a few years old, but time is irrelevant with mixes like these. They have a timeless beauty: balanced perfectly, the sounds flow with grace and ease. Donato's especially is one of my all-time favourite mixes. I have lost count of how many times I have heard it, but it still sounds just as fresh and special as the first time I listened.

natural/electronic.system.- hypnos mix

donato dozzy - bleep43 podcast 134

Put these on, tune out, and enjoy your Sunday.


  1. i woke up and thought, how i missed sunday sounds... now drinking my coffee sunday sounds are here!
    the nsi mix is great, have been listening to it for few months on the way to university, great morning music :)
    dozzy not that great (as far as i remember), need to listen again:)
    thank you!
    chris why dont you record your sounds garden parties? would make great sunday sounds mixes :)

  2. we just haven't got organised enough. i don't have a recorder. also my crossfading sucks!

    but we might try to record the next one.

  3. atlast!
    you can always use a laptop ?
    nobody cares about crossfading if the music is great:)
    cant wait, it would make me so happy to 'be' there :)

  4. i like using CDJs and a few records. i can't mix properly, i don't try to hide that with a laptop. hopefully the music is enough!

  5. what i meant was laptop for recording :)
    i think you can even use an iphone with some app?
    the music is enough for me!

  6. What's the track playing at 13 minutes in the hypnos mix?


  7. Love the Donato mix - i hadn't heard Tangerine Dream Logos until then - I love how he lets 10 mins of it play.

  8. is there a track list for the hypnos mix? very off-the hook mix that one. will have to listen to the Donato one soon.

  9. Good shout.

    Must have listened to the Dozzy mix dozens of times.


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