Thursday, October 6, 2011

Antonio Giova (natural/electronic.system.) tracklist

We are glad people have been enjoying Antonio's mix, because we totally love it. An inspired, personal journey...
And, as promised, here is the tracklist:

Ssg special - Antonio Giova (natural/electronic.system.)

Donato Dozzy - Moonlight [Mule Electronic]
Andy Stott - Passed me by [Modern Love]
Relapxych.0 - City Nightlights II [Ghost Sounds]
Neel - Snow in the tube [unreleased]
Midnightopera - Untitled [Workshop]
Madteo - Sheepdipping [Meakusma]
Stl - In my dreams (Intrusion dub) [Something]
Jouem - Drifting [Just Another Beat]
Mohlao - Luminescent [Field]
Kangding Ray - Leavaila Scheme [Raster Noton]
Mike Parker - B1 [Geophone]
Anders Ilar - Paragram []
Dorisburg - Sinai Hypnosis Dub [Aniara]
Ryo Murakami - Lunch of God (Stereociti rmx) [Pan]
Dj Snotburger - Snotann [Fxhe]
Emmanuel Top - Flux [Planete Rouge]
Slop Salon - mr J [Aspeak]
Nuel - B2 [Aquaplano]

We will post the mix from Valerio, the other half of natural/electronic.system., next week...


  1. Thank you for the tracklist !!
    if you can please correct the name of the remixer to Ryo Murakami - Lunch of God (Stereociti rmx) [Pan]

  2. next week?
    i might sond harsh, but why tell people next week,then postpone and this happens alot :( im sad for one more week...

  3. Suck it up, Rokas, it's a blog. You are damned lucky to be getting music of this quality - FOR FREE. Keep some perspective.

  4. rokas - seriously, get the fuck over yourself. we are not here to feed you mixes on demand. believe it or not, we actually have other things to do in our lives besides this blog. we are doing this all in our spare time. we have other commitments. hell, i managed to find time to post antonio's mix despite the fact i was travelling. you should be glad you didn't have to wait longer for that. and as PC said, keep in mind that you get all of this music for FREE and that we receive no payment for doing this blog.

  5. suck it up, its just a comment and one not in a bad way, but in a sad way
    post travel stress or what?
    im just saying im sad that i will have to wait for one more week
    i hope you werent serious :)

  6. Jesus! Relax guys. No need gang up on the poor guy. He's obviously a big fan and just wants you to manage his expectations. It sounds like the tracklist IS the highlight of his week and he felt like he was left hanging. A little bit of constructive criticism and you guys come back double teaming him. When I read your comments I hear "all you plebs you should consider yourselves lucky to have priviledge of our blog" . Sure, we do, but it's comments like these that do tend to give you guys reputation of being a tad arrogant and aloof. Take your own advice. Keep some perspective. It's just a blog.

  7. @ Sasutan & Rokas: of course 'we' are you guys, and nothing otherwise, and know and appreciate that.

    But I 100% mean what I said, and don't apologise for it. Rokas' comment pissed me off. Independently of that, it pissed Chris off. Surely this is for a reason, and not just because we are so arrogant and aloof?

    Rokas, I am eyeing you on this: many of your comments on this blog have some kind of secreted reproach in them, like 'this is great, but if only if it could have been (exactly what I wanted it to be).' It is what it is, as it always is, and what it is is fantastic in the case of this NeS mix.

    @ Sasutan: I'm happy to engage you on this if you like. Actually, I find this whole comment thread interesting. Here we have four individuals. Who has to take responsibility for what they are saying? And what is considered to be ganging up? Imagine if we were face to face at p bar. It would just be four people standing at the bar, and each of us would have to take responsibility for what they are saying. If any of us said something which gave us the willies, it would be up to us to call 'em on it, right? this is part of human interaction. But because it's a comment box, it is... almost cyber bullying? And Chris and I are 'ganging up' and aloof because we have some kind of ?power? in this relation. Gosh.

    Meanwhile Rokas, as I see it, is bitching again 'ah, this is really great, but it's not quite what *I* wanted...' and somehow doesn't have to take responsibility for that? I don't geddit. And/or I wish I was a comment boxer, and not a blogger or a musician or a music critic, who are supposed to be able to be mercilessly ribbed by all and sundry 'as required', while their fickle audiences can just say what they want, as lazily and irresponsibly as they like?

    It reminds me of writing reviews for RA, and one of the reasons I stopped doing so:

    1) artist takes one year to write an album

    2) reviewer takes several hours to write review of said album

    3) comment box commenter reviews review with ad hominem argument 'I think this album is great, YOU don't, therefore you are wrong/an idiot, blah di blah...'

    4) comment boxer then refuses to engage in debate with reviewer, either with something like 'hey man, you have *your* opinion, I have *my opinion*' &c (crummy disingenuous relativism blah blah)

    ...what happens in the meantime is that we've all lost sight of the music (everyone's playing the man, not the ball)... which, ironically or not, is what's happened here. To me it's symptomatic of a lot of the non-responsible or anti-responsible interactions that take place on line, that are making the internet an annoying place to be at times.

    I welcome all of your comments, on this as elsewhere, but I do expect you to be a thoughtful, to formulate your thoughts, and to try to be constructive, even if/when you're attacking.

    I mention this all because I think it has effects. On this tip, this article is fantastic and worth checking. So is the comedian Stewart Lee, who is mentioned in it:

    For me, one of the best things about ssgs is the interactions we manage to have. Let's continue at that standard...

  8. sorry for not liking everything you do, deeply sorry :(
    but its how world is still spinning..
    sasutan got me right, you didnt, i said it might sound harsh but it wasnt, actually i see it all the way around :)
    most of my comments arent "great", "thanks" im actually saying something from my perspective, if thats not ok, then you should delete all my comments.

  9. Just got round to listening to this mix whilst wandering around Soho on a lovely London afternoon. Wow. What a super mix. Thanks Antonio & ssgs, you seriously made my day. Sometimes music on the move makes everything feel just right. Favourite mix in a long time.


  10. Hi there,

    I think the Dj Snotburger - Snotann track is actually Young Seth - Moment from the same record, B2. With a relatively deep dislike towards Troxler's last couple of years, this credit goes to him.

    Cheers for the mix and the tracklist!

  11. 'Relapxych.0 - City Nightlights II' sounds exactly like a track from Blade Runner ost. I've been hearing it in ASC's mix as well & was convinced it was Vangelis! ty for posting.

  12. Neel's "Snow in the tube" is beautiful! I hope it will be released!
    Thanks for the mix, Antonio & ssgs!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. One of the most beautiful mixes of this sort I've ever heard. Thanks for this.

    Does anyone know if Neel's "Snow In The Tube" is ever going to be released ? It needs to be, this track is genius.


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