Tuesday, May 3, 2011

19 Electronic Love Songs

Groove N' Vibes asked us to contribute a play list for their site. After much discussion over what the theme of our list should be, we eventually decided on 'electronic love songs'. Thanks to Groove N' Vibes for inviting us. It was fun coming up with this list. Lots of memories...

19 Electronic Love Songs from MNML SSGS

More soon.


  1. a mixtape of these selections would be blissful.
    That Nicolas Makelberge track is played like the walls are tearing down....epic.

  2. Pretty much can't go wrong with 'dream of Evan and Chan' and 'one in a million', Pete. bril! every other pick is perfect too, of course, - rob

  3. I can't thank you enough for sharing your favourites. This week I bought the Luomo & Donnacha Costello tracks via Discogs, and Phonica coincidentally put out a re-release of 'Why' which I've snapped up too. As ever, the ssgs are my #1 tastemakers!

  4. heartbeats must be a great track if it still makes me wanna cry after all these years :-(


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