Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ssg special - A.P

Ranging from spacey ambient, drone, to more downbeat dub techno, Ghost Sounds is a label I have come to appreciate for its understated beauty. The standout release so far has been the "City Nightlights" album by relapxych.0. It reminds me a lot of some of what I love about 90s ambient - there are some beats under the soundscapes, as well as some common themes and threads that are explored and repeated throughout. After spending time with the album, we thought it'd be interesting to hearing what a mix from Anders Peterson (aka relapxych.0) would sound like.

A.P has kindly provided two mixes: one is based on his own music and that of his Ghost Sounds label. The second one emerges from his role doing mastering, and is a new wave mix made up mainly of material from Fockewulf 190. These mixes actually dovetail very nicely with where my head is at right now, as I've been listening to plenty of '80s stuff recently, as well a lot of ambient. Despite the two mixes exploring different genres, there is definitely a commonality in the way A.P presents the sounds: there is a warmth and personal touch in the way the music is compiled that gives these mixes a real charm.

A.P "Reality altering psychoacoustics" mix

 1. (0.00) relapxych.0 - "City nightlights II"
 2. (5.44) A.P reworks Muslimgauze - "Citadel in nightlight"
 3. (11.46) Rie Lambdoll / relapxych.0 - "In the maze"
 4. (16.37) Skyscaper - "Skyshapes"
 5. (19.40) Skyscaper / Ekelon - "Shaping the sky"
 6. (25.21) Skyscaper - "Skyshapes"
 7. (26.11) relapxych.0 - "Desert nightfall"
 8. (30.24) Fatih Tuter - "W&S I" (relapxych.0's Under desert nightskies Remix)
 9. (33.53) relapxych.0 - "Landmark II"
 10. (37.56) Unknown caller - "Transmission F"
 11. (42.20) relapxych.00 - "Pharmaceptic"
 12. (47.54) Unknown caller - "Room of scattered memories and dust"
 13. (52.59) A.P - "Encrypted m2"
 14. (55.24) A.P - "Foreverneverendeverend"
 15. (56.31) A.P - "Nowhere everywhere"
 16. (58.00) relapxych.0 - "Reembrace"
 17. (61.46) Last industrial estate - "Thrown a way (Machinery in motion")

Track 1 and 9 from "City nightlights" (CD / 12", Ghost Sounds PXYCH.03), track 2 from upcoming Muslimgauze box set on Extreme Music, track 3 from V/A "Wandering" CD (Silent season, SSCD06), track 4-6 from "Skyshapes" 12" (Ghost Sounds PXYCH.08), track 7 from "Shapes / phases" 12" (Ghost Sounds PXYCH.02), track 8 from "Wide & shallow with remixes I" CD (Silent season SSCD08), track 10, 12 and 13-15 from upcoming A.P "The eerie calm reincarnate" 2Lp / CD (Ghost Sounds PXYCH.09), track 11 from "Hallucinogenitaliencryption" 12" / CD (Ghost Sounds PXYCH.06), track 16 from "Ripples on the surface of time and space" CD (Ghost Sounds PXYCH.07) and track 17 from "Shapes in motion" 12" (Ghost Sounds PXYCH.00).

A.P "New waves of old" mix

 1. (0.00) Fockewulf 190 - Dreamingspace
 2. (2.53) Fockewulf 190 - Body heat
 3. (9.19) Fockewulf 190 - Microcosmos
 4. (11.58) Fockewulf 190 - We are colder
 5. (16.41) Fockewulf 190 - UFO
 6. (19.06) Fockewulf 190 - Orient express
 7. (24.22) Fockewulf 190 - Dreamingspace
 8. (25.26) Fockewulf 190 - Gitano
 9. (31.22) Mushy - Faded heart
 10. (37.04) Beograd - MRAK
 11. (39.35) Tara Cross - Touch me here, touch me there
 12. (43.11) Port said - Monsoon
 13. (49.55) Tara Cross - Uncovering dishes
 14. (56.11) Degada Saf - Tri-banal
 15. (61.14) Tara Cross - Like I am (Comme je suis)

Tracks 1-8 from FOCKEWULF 190 "Microcosmos 1981-1986" 2Lp (Vinyl-on-demand VOD89), track 9 from MUSHY "Faded heart" LP / CD (Mannequin MNQ 004), track 10 from upcoming BEOGRAD 7" on Anna Logue Records, tracks 11, 13 and 15 from TARA CROSS, "Tara Cross 1982-89" 4LP-Box (Vinyl-on-demand, VOD85), track 12 from upcoming 2lp (Vinyl-on-demand) and track 14 from Degada Saf "No inzro" CD (Mannequin MNQ 009). Label websites: Vinyl-On-Demand / Mannequin / Anna Logue

Given that the two mixes are using music from a few artists and labels, we decided it was best to post the tracklists as the same time. For more info on A.P and the Ghost Sounds label, check their homepage. Thanks to Anders for taking the time to put together these mixes. Enjoy...


  1. 3. (11.46) Rie Lambdoll / relapxych.0 - "In the maze"

    This track is awesome..!!!!

  2. the quality of the mixes on mnmlssgs is unmatched. i keep thinking, how can they possibly keep operating at this level of awesomeness? what's your secret!? is there something in the water?

  3. Both mixes are stunning. The one with Anders own material especially provided me with an avenue for deep inward travelling. The feeling I get from the music reminds of how I felt after watching a Twin Peaks episode. Mysterious, slightly chilling, hauntingly beautiful.

    Also, I really appreciate the tracklists with timecode.

    Thank you Anders and mnml ssgs for sharing this!

    Ludvig Cimbrelius/alveol

  4. Heard about Relapxich.0 when i stumbled on a 12' from Silent Season, "In the maze" was on it. Silent season is a great label, not a single drop of showboating, only a spirit and great tracks.
    So having an AP mix is a welcomed surprise and a real treat. Well no wonder i 've found it here....
    This kind of ambient and meditative music is a cure, and its quality all around. This sound is made to make us travel everywhere we need to.
    And...thanks !

  5. two really amazing mixes! DOPE! i love them.... more,please! ;-)


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