Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dommune double

Over Golden Week Tokyo has really come back alive, and that is set to continue, with a pair of great shows at Dommune. On Monday Surgeon is returning for what will be his 3rd appearance at the club (I think). And then on Tuesday Mindgames will be taking over Dommune, with DJ So (one of the Labyrinth organisers) and Peter van Hoesen playing. At Unit last week Peter put together the best set I have ever seen from him. Totally next level: powerful, deeply personal techno. I am really looking forward to hearing what he will do in the context of Dommune. These are going to be 2 fun parties. Make sure to tune in if you can! The details are:

Monday 9 May: Surgeon
Tuesday 10 May: DJ So, Peter van Hoesen
Live stream at

Tokyo: 9pm - 12am
Melbourne: 10pm - 1am
London: 1pm - 4pm
Berlin: 2pm - 5pm
New York: 8am - 11am

Well, I think those are the correct time zones... It starts around 9pm Japan time, that is for sure. Often the talk show beforehand runs over time, so if people are still talking shit when it is scheduled to start, just be patient!

Also huge respect to our friends at Dommune. Through donations raised during broadcasts over the last month or so, they have managed to raise almost 8,000,000 yen for earthquake relief. An amazing effort. 


  1. thanks, surgeon is strong!!

  2. i sit in germany and watching stream meanwhile my girlfriend is dancing now in tokyo. unfortunaltely i cant see her, only mr van hosen djing:)

    but nice eclectic set from hosen.


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