Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ssg special - Motion Sickness of Time Travel

Operating in parallel to our techno world is another electronic universe, one made up of limited editions tapes and CDRs filled with obscure syth oddities and lo-fi gems. For those outside (like myself) this is all rather daunting, hell most of us still have our old tape player in a box somewhere at our parents' house. This world can be rather impenetrable, but you get enough glimpses to know that there is something very exciting happening over there. Editions Mego has probably done the most to bridge this divide, notably with artists like Oneohtrix Point Never and the Emeralds, and their new sublabel Spectrum Spools. This really is just the tip of the iceberg, though, and when I hear an artist like today's contributor I want to discover more...

Motion Sickness of Time Travel would have been another artist / ship in the night, if it wasn't for the strong recommendation given to me by two people whose taste I really trust. As soon as I read the name I was interested. In my books, Motion Sickness of Time Travel is one seriously cool artist name. And on hearing Seeping Through The Veil of The Unconscious the name somehow made sense. The album has an ethereal beauty to it, ghostly and enchanting, music that recalls lost memories you never quite had. Intrigued and wanting to know more about this artist and these sounds, I asked Rachel Evans (aka MSOTT) for a mix and she kindly obliged. The result is a captivating, beautiful journey into this other world that many of us know little about.

This is what Rachel wrote about her mix:

"It's pretty hot in the southern United States, especially around this time of the year. The temperature seems to rise a little everyday, and rain seems to fall less and less. It wouldn't be quite so bad if it weren't such a dry heat. The tracks I chose for this mix are from our personal tape and cd collection. All of the releases are both refreshing and relaxing in their own ways. The synth and guitar expressions included have a way of cooling down the air around me on extra humid days, and washing over like a slow, chilly rain. Each track has its own fragrance too, and expresses its own unique personality. Although the artists are varied, there's still some amount of underlying aesthetic that holds all of them together like a lovely bouquet. My friendship with many of the artists featured further cements this mixture of music and well-represents some of my favorite tape labels and artists operating today."

"Electric Rain" mix - Curated by Rachel Evans / Motion Sickness of Time Travel

As usual, full tracklist up next week. Rachel is very busy, with plenty of solo & collab work on the way. There is a MSOTT LP & CD coming soon on Digitalis, a split release with Nova Scotian Arms on Aguirre, as well as cassettes on Hobo Cult Records and Digitalis Ltd. As Quiet Evenings (with her husband Grant), there is a lovely new CD called Transcending Spheres, and they are playing at Gainesville, FL on 20th May. This is just a short list of stuff Rachel has coming up... She is also working on a project with a good friend of ours, Camella Lobo from Tropic of Cancer. Very excited to see how that develops. Anyway, for more information, make sure to check the Motion Sickness of Time Travel homepage. Huge thanks to Rachel for this gem. Enjoy the trip.


  1. if there are any problems, here is an alternate link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/294pcb

  2. That girl in the photo knows exactly how fucking hot and provocative she is slinking around synths.

    Lets see if the music matches!

  3. nice one, really looking forward to checking this out - the artists/labels mentioned are completely new to me, inspiring stuff.

  4. Very well done! Mixes I find of this kind of music don't typically keep with such a consistent mood.

  5. I'm from the South, was a little skeptical about the premise, but i'm coverted. Nice work, I wish I had it for my Jazz Fest plane rides.

  6. funny. ive been getting into this kind of electronic music myself lately and have found it to be pretty amazing stuff.
    really makes a lot of sense promoting this here. looking foward to more articles, mixes, etc. about this by you guys :)

  7. superb! I'm listening to this mix at least once a day.

    and agreed with second comment.

  8. great!
    like almost everything rachel does.


  9. Excellent mix, keep them coming!


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