Thursday, May 5, 2011

PC presents - a tracklist made from a mixtape made of my 010100010s

Finally, the fucking tracklist....

Frank Bretschneider - A Soft Throbbing of Time
Peverelist - Roll with the Punches
Fatima Yamaha - What's a girl to do?
Carly Simon - Why (12" version)
Pink Floyd - Fearless
Dj Sprinkles - Ball'r (Madonna-free Zone)
The Aphex Twin - Z Twig
O–|–> - Love 2 tha 9s
Kraftwerk - Computer Love
Roman Flugel - Brian Le Bon
The Aphex Twin - Lichen
Loscil - The Making of Grief Point
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Uoon 1

...and here's the mixtape one more time, if you like the tracklist and didn't give it a gander

9/6/04: 'We must take threats seriously before they fully materialize.' (Applause.)


  1. YES!!
    I've been waiting for this. Almost forgot by now...
    Really diverse & interesting mix with lots of different moods in it.
    I LIKE!!

    But didn't you forget to mention a track between Peverelist and Carly Simon?

  2. ...and one more after Pink Floyd.
    Sorry ;)
    [It's the TT one]

  3. fix-ed - apologia in extensia

  4. Fatima Yamaha - What's a girl to do?

    That's the one :)


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