Friday, May 20, 2011

Berlin double

Just a quick post for any ssgs in Berlin... I will be there in early June (3rd-13th), but I wish I was travelling there a couple of weeks earlier, as this weekend and next there are a few special acts playing. This Saturday 21 May at the Robot Army party Ugandan Methods are playing live. I presume this will be Ancient Methods & Regis, which would be seriously cool. I am still waiting for a chance to see Ancient Methods play, I remain firmly convinced they are one of the most interesting and important acts in techno today. And then next weekend the thoroughly under-rated Scorn will be playing live as part of the 'Tourist Trap' party on Saturday 28th May. I strongly recommend checking him out - he has a very distinctive and totally awesome sound, kind of like death metal dub-step. Sandra Electronics are also on the bill, again I am presuming Regis will be involved with that. Filling out the bill are other ssg favourites Function, Sandwell District, and Dasha Rush, so this is definitely a very ssg-friendly party. Two gigs that make really want to be in Berlin! But I cannot complain too much, as this Saturday in Tokyo Atom TM is playing at Unit, and Fred P at Eleven, then next Saturday 28th ASC will be making his Japan debut at Module... So plenty of fun to be had over here too...


  1. Saw Atom TM at the Raster Noton event at the Roundhouse in London last week and he was awesome, really quirky and quite humourous bits interspersed with some really good music, all the while him standing there looking all austere behind his MPC3000 sampler with the VGA output of it projected on the screen so you can see what he's doing to create the sounds. Hadn't heard him before but will certainly be making the effort again.

  2. Hey, this is the Robot Army: Thank you soooooooooooo much for featuring our party. This is very appreciated!
    We will put 2x mnml ssgs fans on our 3 EUR friends list. So the first two persons who say "I´m a minimal sausage" will get in for our friendship fee :) Cheerio!

  3. @ Tom: Atom TM is the mad genius of techno.

    @ Michael: Awesome. Thanks for that! Have fun tonight. I am sure it will be a great party. Very disappointed I am not in Berlin for it!

  4. I´m a minimal sausage

    Looking forward to this night

  5. @ Chris: We´ll do our very best, Sir :) It´s a regular event and we have 3 more dates in 2011 so the chance is there...

    @Jurgis - happy to welcome you! See you later on.

  6. 'The Tourist Trap' ... such a sketchy name for an event in Berlin. Berliners often complaining about too many tourists, who of course though changing the dynamic beyond recognition are playing their part in keeping the place afloat too... hope this is tongue in cheek not yet another dig!!!

    ps am going in June myself for 9 days - cant wait!


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