Friday, April 29, 2011

Cio D'Or and Donato Dozzy present J

Today Golden Week starts in Japan, and people here can enjoy a much needed holiday over the next week. It has been a difficult period since the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March, but this country has proven its courage and resilience. Japan has drawn on its inner strength, and it has also benefited from the support shown by our friends around the world. More than anything, it is this feeling of solidarity that has helped. And this is where this special mix comes from - a shared bond with and love for the beautiful country of Japan, from two people with very big and beautiful hearts: Cio D'Or and Donato Dozzy.

The mix is a sublime 40 minute journey combining DJ and live electronics, distinguished by the warmth and love that radiates from this music. Cio and Dozz had been working on this for a while, and after the recent disaster here, they wanted to give this as a gift for Japan. Neel kindly mastered the mix to get it sounding just right. And Donato's wife, Koto, provided the photo. To accompany the mix, they all provided some words for Japan:

"Japan's earthquake, tsunami and that huge disaster coming from the Fukushima atomic-reactor was & is a huge shock for the whole world. It distorted a big shadow through my daily life. My first mind was: What to do? How can I help Japan people & all my friends over there?

What can a single human do in this situation?
Steps, that I felt : Not be against something, but for something. 

And giving music for Japanese people & friends.
About music... there isn´t much to say, it talks by itself.
Donato & me agreed to transmit our first co-production mix for you, “J”!
Music*** all over you!


"There are events and circumstances in life where no words are needed. If it's true that music is the primordial language, then I'm trying to express my feelings towards the people I love in the only way I know: through the music...

See you in September."


"I am very happy that Cio and Donato prepared some musical thoughts for the people of the big "J". All I could do was to give my little contribution to that, with deep love and friendship."





Cio D'Or and Donato Dozzy - J

If you download and like the mix, we ask that you consider making a donation to a charity, such as: Second Harvest Japan, Save the Children Japan, Ahinaga-ikuekai, or Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Thank you to Cio, Donato, Neel and everyone else involved in making this mix happen. We will be also being doing some promo CDR versions of this at Disk Union, more info on that soon. Now please enjoy this beautiful, heartful mix. Much love from the J.


  1. ssgs doing work. huge thanks to all involved...

  2. this is amazing! soooo lush! many thanks

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  4. will give this is a listen, very big hopes for this one.

  5. i can tell you, this is a very good recording, in the same category as DDKH, mental, easy, but oh so intense and oh so floating

  6. Absolutely extraordinary as usual!

    Thanks for this one...

  7. beautiful set, big thanks to Cio and Dozzy

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  9. this mix transported me back to japan. thank you for the memories.

  10. Thank you Cio, Donato, Neel & Koto!

  11. Anyone up for a tracklist (first track) ?


  12. I can only name one track, but there are a few that I recognize so well and I'm going crazy trying to remember.

    This is so good.

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  15. P.S

    Incredable layering and mixing (FX, fields recordings and ambience all added to stunning effect.)

    Dozzy is the master of the techno "slipstream" + with Cio's touch the two DJ styles dovetail nicelu.

    2hr Dozzy/Cio D'Or set for Lab '11 please??? ;)

    Luke "latebloomer"

  16. 150 mg of Pregabalin
    "J" on continous loop


    peace - and thanks Dozzy / Cio
    Luke "Latebloomer"

  17. Someone have the ID for the first track?

  18. This mix is dangerously hypnotic. Lucky it's only 40 mins ;-)

  19. 40 minutes is not nearly enough.

    would love to get the name of the track at 20min. i know i know it from somewhere...

  20. Please can we get a tracklist for this mix, it is absolutely gorgeous and I haven't a clue what any of the tracks are.

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  22. for what it's worth: i met cio in detroit after her set at DEMF/movement festival (which convinced me to go to new york to see her and traversable wormhole in action), she's really a wonderful person, and her focus and devotion to music is really inspiring. anyway, she said this mix is composed of elements of something like "50" different tracks (and yes i made sure she wasn't saying "15"). i honestly couldn't tell because it's so nicely put together, and the only things i recognize are some ambient parts by monolake/henke and brian eno; otherwise i'm happy to enjoy it as is...

    thanks to everyone involved in sharing it! i've listened at home, in cars, in planes, on the beach - definitely one of my favorite mixes of the year.

  23. Beautiful Mix, thank you! really enjoyed playing it..


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