Thursday, April 28, 2011

Golden Tokyo

As PC wrote yesterday, it is a big couple of days in Melbourne with Virgo 4 tonight and Sandwell District on Friday. While I am disappointed my Australia trip did not last long enough to catch these parties, I am glad to be back in Tokyo for a string of killer events. After a very quiet March and April, Golden Week looks like it will mark a further return back to normality for Tokyo. These are the parties I will be hitting:

Thursday 28 April - Surgeon live @ Unit: Super excited about this one... Ahead of his new album, Surgeon is playing live. Live. Wow. He hasn't produced much recently, but we all know what he is capable of. I'm expecting this to be one of the best things I see in 2011. You can sign up for a web discount for the event here.

Saturday 30 April - Dan Bell @ Unit: Like Surgeon, Dan Bell is a regular visitor and longtime favourite of the Japanese, so it is good these artists happen to be coming back around now. And with Mr Dependable on the decks, I think we know we are in for a good night.

Tuesday 3 May - Peter van Hoesen & Eric Cloutier @ Unit: Ok, so this will be the third time I will be at Unit in under a week. Lucky it is a good club... Peter and Eric are preparing special sets for this show, and with Mindgames in charge you know it'll be a well produced affair. This is going to be an amazing night for sure.

Saturday 7 May - Freaks festival featuring Function, Dan Bell and other people I don't care about somewhere outside: The lineup is a bit random. But Function is playing. And so is Dan Bell. And it is outdoors. That's enough for me to be there.

And that is just Golden Week... The rest of May is looking fantastic with Terre Thaemlitz, Fred P, Atom TM and ASC all scheduled to be playing. Hope to see some ssgs out at these parties!

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  1. Get with it yo, OOIOO is playing that Freaks festival. Consider yourself warned.


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