Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You? Again?! PC goes To and Fro once upon an August evening, 2010

Once again it's me (Pete, the supposedly more silent of the SSGs) and Dave doing our thing on RRR's To-and-Fro.

This time, the loose theme was the vinyl EP, one of my favourite soon-to-be-redundant, soon-to-be-even-more-fetishizable formats.

The medium is the message, and the massage in this case canvassed a range of topics: my jilting my Michael Mayer, MCs (should be strangled at birth), track selection, the 2010 fetishization of the compact cassette (who'da thunk it), boom mics and the future of the past of the past of the future of the future.

Yes, all these temporalities and so much more, all at roughly 120 bpm. A delicious diachronic layer cake, for your aural delectation.

Tracklist is here; To and Fro can be subscribed to here; and can be DL'd here. Enjoy!

I am happy to enter into correspondence with anyone who wishes to comment - unless you were the MC at the Ramadanman gig... ...actually, yes, please justify yourself to me...



  1. wicked show! enjoying as i attempt to work

  2. fucking quality. loved every tune you played, nice one. why have i always thought that that shed tune was actually by a crowd called "Equinox 647" or something along those lines? Seems a bit odd to have just made that up, but would explain why ive never been able to find it on youtube.....

  3. Some serious John Roberts love on here. Nice.

  4. Being a bit pedantic here but I thought Rob Hall was the warm up before Autechre, not Mark Pritchard?
    Great tunes whoever it was though.

  5. @ Lachlan: Rob Hall played, then Mark Pritchard played... that was my memory... Rob Hall played some italo and electro stuff.. it was nice, but it was no jungle set...

    ...thanks for the love everyone, I had a lot of fun on the radio this time, was great to share some records I love...

    @ creamydairy: the EP in question is this one, and it is worth tracking down


    ...needless to say, Shed's new album is up to snuff... I think Chris and I are gonna get a bit in depth with this one over the coming week...

    @ also: the John Roberts full length is about to drop... I am really, really, really hanging out for this one. There aren't many groove-based albums worth waiting for and slobbering over this year - Actress is the notable, wonderful exception - but I think JR is gonna bring the house down...

  6. "but I think JR is gonna bring the house down..."

    I concur.

  7. @ PC: cheers, that makes sense I was only there for one warmup act.

    That Space Dimension Controller tune is great, the pick of your selections for my money along with the King Midas remix.

  8. @ Lachlan: that King Midas mix has something truly sublime in it - I *love* the way the D May samples are used.

    ...it also opens a question: when will techno REALLY start sampling techno in the same way that funk/soul/disco have been mined?

    There is an extraordinary archive of *90s* music, which could be mined much better/more, for my money.

    ...project, anyone?

    Just credit me on the liner notes...

    ...and yes, the Space Dimension Controller track is amazing. I have to thank Chris for that one.

    Along with Jacob Korn's EP on Dolly it is my favourite EP of the year so far...

    ...hmm... time for an EPs so far post?

  9. enjoyed the selections alot as well, a weekly/monthly show from you guys may be a good idea.


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