Tuesday, August 31, 2010

submerged voices

people might have noticed i've been getting a bit obsessive about electro recently, and especially the vast catalogue of james stinson and gerald donald, who together formed drexciya. after not listening to electro for a long time, i've found myself listening to it more than probably any other sound in the last couple of months, especially the collective and individual output of the drexciyans. both of them steered clear of the media, preferring to let their music do the talking. but RBMA has just published a 'fireside chat' with gerald donald, who now goes under the name of heinrich mueller. it is a collection of his music spliced with exerts from a rare interview with the man. unsurprisingly, some interesting thoughts in there. worth checking, even if only for the selection of sublime mueller-related records.

and if you haven't heard it before, i strongly recommend listening to this very rare radio interview with james stinson recorded in may 2002, not long before his untimely death. some very powerful and inspirational words here from a true musical visionary. many artists today would do well from following his words, and his example.

i should add: i just realised it is a very appropriate time for this post, as the anniversary of stinson's passing will be in a few days, on 3rd september. much respect. his legacy is still felt today, and will be for a long time to come.


  1. mmh i like this style.what you recommend in cd

  2. check the new alek stark elektro domesticos 2, its the best electro i have heard in years, its too expensive for me to buy, but its so great, as i was listening i felt like drexciya is alive!

  3. chris i have an interview with stinson done a few months before he passed on somewhere on the blog or on my hardrive if you'd like to read it...

  4. hey man. there is a really good drexciya set by a mate of mine at


    well worth checking out.

    its a mate of mine :)


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