Friday, August 20, 2010

RA219: Cio D'Or - Panorama 33 Extended Mix

The other week Cio D'or delivered one of the best mixes of 2010 with her stunning podcast for RA. Part of the reason it is so good is that Cio put so much time and effort into it. Something like this was not just 'another mix' for her: it was a document, it was a record of something. Simply put, it mattered. Cio put a huge amount of care into creating something special. As part of that process she created a number of versions of the mix. The one that was decided upon was 1 hour 16 minutes long. Lucky for everybody, Cio is now making available the extended version of the mix, which clocks in 1 hour 42 minutes. There are two main differences: (1) You get an extra half an hour of peak time. Cio really goes for the jugular on this one, and (2) It is 320kbps. Having listened to both versions, I much prefer the longer one. I'm super happy Cio is letting everyone hear it. Thanks!

RA219: Cio D'or - Panorama 33 Extended Mix

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Cio D´Or _ Autumnwinds _ (RA mix exclusive)
Murcof _ Rostro _ The Leaf Label
Xhin _ Seed _ Stroboscopic Artefacts
Milton Bradley _ Somewhere Bejond My Illusion _ Prologue
Heartthrob _ Valentine _ Minus
Monolake _ Zero Gravity _ Monolake
Walk At Night In The Misty Woods _ C_Olvrin _ Unreleased
Monolake/Robert Henke _ Infinitive Snow _ Imbalance
Margaret Dygas _ 37 min to 7 _ Non Standard Production
Milton Bradley _ Uncontrallable Desire _ Do Not Resist The Beat
Monolake/Robert Henke _ Observatory _ Imbalance
Terrence Fixmer _ Electric City (Function Rmx) _ Electric Deluxe
Perc _ BGG (Milton Bradley / Beyond The Silence Mix) _ Perc Trax
Xhin _ Key _ Stroboscopic Artefacts
Murcof _ Memoria _ The Leaf Label
Milton Bradley _ Sector X _ Unreleased
Cio D´Or _ Organza (Milton Bradley Rmx) _ Prologue
Monolake _ Ionized _ Monolake
Milton Bradley _ Last Flight To Cologne _ Do Not Resist The Beat
Donor _ Remainder _ Stroboscopic Artefacts
Marcel Dettmann _ Silex _ Ostgut Ton
Sleeparchive _ Infared Glow _ Zzz
Xhin _ B_Link _ Stroboscopic Artefacts
Sleeparchive _ Hospital Tracks _ Zzz
Aubrey _ Dark (Mike Parker Rmx) _ Mox-005
Claudio PRC _ Svart 1/ Black Moon Part1 _ Upcoming release in Autumn 2010 on Dark Beat Records
C U 1 _ C U 1 _ Cub Records
Planetary Assault System _ Deep Heat Vol.1 _ Mote Evolver
Perc _ BGG (Milton Bradley Critical Level Mix) _ Perc Trax
Obtane _ Twilight Observer _ Unreleased
Mike Parker _ Puls Trader _ Unreleased
Johannes Heil _ Product Of Dealing _ Kanzleramt
Carlo Passamonti _ Mako 0078 (Mike Parker Remix) _ Intermission Ltd
Nuel _ A1/ Ltd 001 _ Aquaplano
Dino Sabatini _ Scylla _ Prologue
Fuse _ F.U.2 – Re-Edit _ Plus 8 Classics Vol 1 (1990-1992)
Cio D´Or _ Goldbrokat _ Prologue
Cio D´Or _ Goldbrokat (Donato Dozzy Ambient Rmx) _ Prologue

(mastered by manes at

The other good news is that the next mix Cio does - whenever that is - will most likely be for the ssgs, so that is something for us all to look forward to... And for all our Japanese readers, Cio is coming back to Japan and is very excited about her visit. She is playing Club G, Okinawa on 27 August; Unit, Tokyo on 3 September, and Club Joule, Osaka on 4 September. More info on these and other gigs on her myspace. Massive respect to RA for supporting quality sounds, and to Cio for delivering such a high quality mix. Enjoy.


  1. This mix cares so much it hurts (so good)! Seriously most people are just 'mixing', Cio is DJing...

    ...when I first heard this, I thought that, in a sense, Richie Hawtin coulda/shoulda be making mixes like this.

    Yet Hawtin is making Contakt.

    Meanwhile: Cio is making MUSIC from music from music...

    Thank you, Cio. The difference is heard, understood, and appreciated from the heart.

  2. I second PC's sentiment. Word.

  3. Holy shit. My only "complaint" about Cio's RA set was that it ended too early -- I was really feeling that last 20-30 minutes, and really wanted more. I even posted that on the RA forums last week. Cio's set has been on regular play since first listen.

    This is a fucking godsend.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! Only a little bit through, but already... wow... Cant wait for the Unit show! 15 mins walk from my house :D hell yes.

  5. thanks for facilitating the release of this longer, higher-bit rate set! i'm not even sure what she does here in terms of constructing this set, but i'd like to know more. it's definitely a work of art... you can really hear how much *thought* was put into this.

    i don't care what some people (on the RA forum) have to say about it but i think it's great that she shows a lot of love for monolake and milton bradley. i can't wait to hear this extension, and hopefully this mix raises awareness for the excellent producers she's highlighted.

  6. and i thought it couldn't get any better than it already was...

  7. It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the best mixes I have ever heard.

    Thank you Cio and mnml ssgs for sharing this. Absolutely brilliant.

  8. pffff, excellent! I really enjoyed the short version but I thought it lacked an extra punch in the middle, this is just perfect, big thanks to Cio for this mix

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  10. been enjoying this so much since i got it... PC is so right here. Cio cares so much about the music and this set is far more about showing people the artists she loves that are writing interesting, forward-thinking music than about her own name. cio has one of the biggest hearts in techno and it shows through and through. best mix of the year! come on club managers and promoters (wish they were subscribed here) - really listen and take the risk booking this style of music! and I would suggest Cio is a damn fine place to start... people have such a great response to Cio. she got some magic thats for sure...

    ps glad to say bandwidth is finally restored on the MDS podcast page. Craig's mix (aka C_Olvrin) has been doing the damage for 3 weeks solid now!

  11. oh and little t/l correction

    C_Olvrin - Walk At Night In The Misty Woods _ Unreleased

  12. Ex-cel-lent ! Total immersion. Thank you guys, thank you Cio !

  13. while it took me some time to finally get a clear moment to listen to this mix, and first I was a bit concerned by the "fast mixing", some of the tracks not being outplayed, everything went away!

    lovely, on so many levels (from structure, content, timing, etc).


  14. !!! This mix makes all the other podcasts sound like podcasts! This really is something special... thank you Cio for putting so much time, thought, and care into this.

  15. Hate to whinge but sound quality of this is a bit off in my headphones - some tracks are slightly distorted and there's also some crunchy timestretching (sounds a bit like beats slightly out of time) on a few tracks e.g. FUSE towards the end. I know, I'm spoiled ;) Will give it a listen on speakers soon though as I'm sure it's great otherwise.

  16. @ tom d: if you really hated to whinge you wouldn't have left a comment. and yes, you are spoiled.

  17. Wow!!! The extended bit adds so much to this mix! Awesome!

  18. Chris - fair point, you know what I mean!

    Was just interested to see if anyone else had the same thoughts, particularly on the timestretching thing. It was of interest to me particularly as I'd just read a comparison of the timestretching quality of the various DVS systems on djtechtools - wondered if it was an artifact of the software Cio uses or not.

    It is quite remarkable the sound quality of the DJ sets we listen to now... a far cry from the dodgy bootleg tapes of old :)

    Cheers for all the incredible music this site has introduced me to anyway!

  19. cio doesn't have a google account, so she asked me to post this reply:

    To Tom D:
    There is no timestrectch at all! It´s recorded on Peak, mixed by digital vinyl & Tractor Scratch Pro with +- 8 (so normal Vinyl size) & it´s mastered (so very loud !) by Emanuell Geller. Probl. it sounds very loud because of this reason.

    A wonderful day & thank´s to mnml ssgs for posting the long version!
    Best Cio

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  21. Finding out that Cio D'Or is going to be playing at the Detroit Electronic Music Fest this year brought me back here to link more people to this wonderful mix. Thanks again for posting it.

    Cio D'Or is truly a treasure!

  22. Beautiful, haunting, trippy. What an awesome ride she takes you on. I haven't enjoyed a mix from start to finish in a long, long while!

  23. i have listened to this mix about 8 times in 3 days.. and i reckon the hype is well deserved. beautifully crafted mix that will stand the test of time. very excited for detroit now. (how about a chicago date?;)


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