Monday, August 30, 2010

cio in japan

just a quick post for all our friends in japan: cio d'or is here this week! she is playing wednesday night at dommune, friday at unit tokyo, saturday at club jule osaka. i'll be going to the dommune and unit parties, and if you are in tokyo, i hope to see you there! this is the perfect warm up for labyrinth, which is fast approaching...

in case you missed it, here is the extended mix of cio's recent RA mix. really love this longer version:

RA219: Cio D'or - Panorama 33 Extended Mix

and if you haven't bought your tickets for labyrinth, i'd suggest you hurry up and do so...

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  1. I will also be playing a Tr nch dj set at Dommune same night to promote my Mariana event on 11th. and trying to make some kind of interview with Cio in japanese and english (could be interesting)

    Getting really excited about the Lab now! so, who is coming from abroad for this? I heard Max from London is coming... anyone else?? also some guys from Moscow... fun fun fun!


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