Tuesday, August 10, 2010

prosumer tracklist

here is the tracklist for the fantastic mix prosumer put together for the ssgs. remember he is playing tomorrow (wednesday) at dommune with shed live. tune in to dommune 9pm japan time for the live video stream. he is also playing friday night at eleven tokyo with tama sumo, then shed and dettmann on saturday.

prosumer - ssg special mx

The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Welcome Aboard - Unlimited Gold
DJ Braxton - Hey DJ Play My Record - Vanpower Records
Urban Tribe - Program One - Mahagony
Mr. Oizo - Klum - F-Com
Traxmen/Alvin Carr - Poison Mind - Dance Mania
The Mole - Nervous Disid - New Kanada
Soul 223 - Manifest - Soul Jazz
Juju & Jordash - Deep Blue Meanies - Dkmntl
Bizzy B. - The Night Calls- Jack Street
Scrappy feat. Wet Boxx - Love Motion - Cthru
C.F. Noel II - Une Douce Surprise Du Funk - Moto
The Sanctuary Project - The Music Box - House Jam
Dark Comedy - Without A Sound - Transmat
Dream 2 Science - Liquid - Power Move Records
Tyree & Tina Renee - Do Yo! Thang - Supa Dupa
Rodney Bakerr - Time & Space - Rockin' House
Unknown - Chicago Underground 6904
Toronto Track Symphony - Livin In Da Projects - DNH
MD - A1 - Morris Audio
The Other People Place - Let Me Be - Warp
Jared Wilson - Lap Jack - Lux Rec
Harmony Funk - Can't Let You Go - Clone
The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Welcome Aboard - Unlimited Gold


  1. that love unlimited orchestra joint is the shit, i play the fuck out of that one.

  2. Dope mixing around the Urban Tribe track. Respect!

  3. I like his happy picture better! Prosumer = happiness

  4. excellent mix, and fantastic selection. respect to achim.

  5. Dream 2 Science FTW!


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