Tuesday, August 24, 2010

being from another planet

i do not understand jamal moss at all. i have no idea where the fuck hieroglyphic being came from. i am just glad he exists. his sound is startling, powerful, distinctive, dirty, and incredibly raw. while he is working with rather traditional machines and genres, the way moss presents his music gives it a particular, unique finish. whenever i listen to something from him, i get the feeling that it must have gone through a special hieroglyphic being box which makes it all gritty and fucked up. moss has done a remarkably good job of creating a trademark sound.

what moss shows is that even when working with established sounds and genres, an artist might not be able to create something completely new, but they can give it a very distinctive sound signature, they can make it their own.

this is a long introduction to a simple message: download this mix. and listen to it immediately.

hieroglyphic being @ RTS.FM Chicago 15.8.10

thanks to the constantly worthwhile d*ruffalo mag for unearthing this gem.


  1. Ayeman.Did exactly wot u said with the Jamal Moss mix.So fucked up and brilliant.The spirit of Ron Hardy lives on.Propa house music.Period.

  2. hieroglyphic being wasnt found by me so long ago and im so happy!

  3. Many thanks for providing that mix! I second all things said about Jamal Moss so far, here are just my two cents:

    The tunes of his' I like the most are those when he is not that super noisy and super rough, when he manages to combine a (for his standards) moderate freakiness / roughness with a forward pushing and eternal rhythm structure.

    Two very fine examples for that quality are

    - the track (under his The Sun God alias) "Easing Into Tomorrow" on an new Eargasmic 12" (with Daryl Cura):


    - his remix for Bocca Grande on his own Mathematics label:


    My two cents also contain a tiny bit of criticism: I think he releases his material too frequently, it's a bit bulky, the music loses some of its momentum by this. That is also true for his Mathematics label which I really, really like, but in recent times it's a bit too dense for my cup of tea...

    That aside, he is one of the most valuable artists in electronic music. Period.


  4. pott, I'd disagree strongly with that.

    the last few mathematics releases (the"adonis" thing, soft house experience, the last music from mathematics and john heckle) represent a real leap forward for the label. and are a bit more refined than previous mathematics fare.

    totally agree with you on the sun god production though- beautiful.

  5. Thanks Chris! This is a lot to chew on, much like other sets I've heard from him. Here——I feel I am reading an essay rather than listening to a mix (in a good way).

    I heard this one earlier this summer. It's under his I.B.M. moniker, but has that same chunky chaotic feel to it.


  6. @clom... the john heckle release was boss. been investigating more and more of the label upon hearing that release. also a friend of jamal's just recently told me how he gets THAT sound, but i can't say.

  7. @clom

    I absolutely agree with you on the quality of the recent releases but I just think the quantity is a bit heavy, at least for my purse :)

    Potential buyers might feel a certain degree of saturation. As labelowners, me and my purse would try to keep up the quality but reduce the output rate a bit. Good music doesn't run away...

  8. Okay, so which planet is this guy from? This shit is deeeeeep space off world. Geez and/or gosh.

  9. Extraterrestrial for sure! Dry and gritty. He must use a lot of old modded equipment. Such odd juxtapositions of vocal tracks into the mix, strangely unsettling, but intriguing. Great stuff!

  10. This piece if wild. I love the raw approach and weirdness of it all. How cliché, but it makes me wanna' get another deck and start mixing myself. Well, guess that's what inspirational artists/music do sometimes.

  11. came back to this recently.
    holy moly.
    this stuff is awesome.

    anyone got anything more recent of jamal??


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