Thursday, August 26, 2010

ssg special - roger23

we've been having a good run with these ssg specials. and this week roger23 has made sure the streak continues with a delightful, slowburning mix. roger23 is someone i've had on my radar for a while, after hearing a few very nice mixes from him online, and also receiving some recommendations from people that i trust. it was only recently that we connected up, as a result of a fantastic session we posted of roger23 mixing it up with eli verveine. these two spinning together makes perfect sense. both are warm, friendly people and they really convey this in their music. just like eli, what appeals to me about roger23 is that it is all pretty simple: no fancy tricks, no big egos, no silly hats (or techno ponchos), quite simply: no bullshit. roger just plays quality records from the heart. you can really hear the care and passion in the tracks he has chosen, and the way he has constructed the mix. roger is a real selector. and this is what makes the mix he has prepared for the ssgs. great music, lovingly chosen, for your enjoyment. sounds good to me.

roger23 - ssg special mx
*tracklist to follow

for more info on roger23, check his myspace and RA page. big thanks to roger for the mix. it has been putting a smile on my face. enjoy.


  1. i hear a christian bloch track in of my all time favourite producers and dj's.

  2. haha, at the start thats Leary from the '50 Years of Sunshine' recording, in the studio with Gennesis P Orridge in '93..

  3. Roger 23 is really underrated. Room with a view pt 1 is a stunning 12". Hope to hear more from him soon.

  4. this mix is pure class, thanks roger23. a great run of mixes on here recently.x

  5. 00 - INTRO - T. Learry
    01 - ZERKALO - Last Meeting
    02 - ULTRAVOX - Alles Klar
    03 - KEITH WORTHEY - Rockit Science
    04 - EMJAY - Come 'N Get It
    05 - JOHN SWING - Unknown Feeling
    06 - BIG STRICK - 100% Hustler
    08 - TROY BROWN - All We Need
    09 - THE SANCTUARY PROJECT - The Music Box
    10 - MANDRAKE - Eternal Mind
    12 - PCB - Wallflower
    13 - GABRIEL ROTH - You Think You Got Soul?
    14 - SMYGLYSSNA - Rekonstruktion
    15 - DJ BOOM - Kinda Kickin'
    16 - CHRISTIAN BLOCH - Polo
    17 - NICK RAPACCIOLI - Sci Fi
    18 - IMAP - Headroom
    19 - BIT STREAM - Vic Twenty
    20 - ELEKDROIDS - Foatation
    21 - RIUICHI SAKAMOTO - Riot In Lagos
    22 - LOGIC - Clash (Chinjyu Sun)
    23 - DEUTSCHE WERTARBEIT - Deutscher Wald


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