Saturday, December 31, 2011


On behalf of PC and myself, I just wanted to thank everyone for their ongoing support during 2011. This year we have been a little bit less active here on the blog, which was partly a conscious choice, partly because we've been very busy with our day jobs, and partly because we've been expanding what we are trying to do with MNML SSGS. On the whole, it has been another productive and interesting year. It was good getting out into the 'real' world more through some parties in Tokyo and Melbourne, as well as collaborating with TodaysArt in the Hague and continuing to do some CD-Rs with Disk Union. I am looking forward to extending these kind of activities in 2012, with our next chill out party on 15 January, and then a MNML SSGS party in Tokyo with natural/electronic.system. playing all night at Module on 3 March (more info soon). And of course, we are thinking about what to do with the blog for the next year... We actually came very close to deciding to finish the blog a couple of months ago, but we found fresh energy and motivation to continue for the time being. In particular, I'd like to thank the various people we turned to for input and advice when we were considering how to proceed. And of course when I think about 2011, a defining moment was the March Tohoku disasters here in Japan. This was a very difficult time for us here, and the support shown by most of the techno community (I stress the word 'most', i.e. not RBMA) has been deeply valued by myself and others here in Japan. I'd actually like to write more about everything that happened outside of the world of music, because it has been an especially tumultuous year, but I am still processing it all and don't feel like I am in a position to say much right now. But 2012 is definitely shaping up to be another eventful year, to put it mildly...

Thank you for continuing to read and engage with us. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to MNML SSGS in 2011. We are looking forward to continuing this in 2012. Lets make it a good year.


  1. On behalf of ordinary folks like me, thank you for your continued contribution.

    It has obviously been a year of transition for you - i.e. you have moved further & further away from mainstream house & techno but I for one value your opinion (even if I don't always agree with, or fully understand them!)

    Please don't quit - but if you do, the mixes alone will leave an outstanding legacy.

  2. we glimpse your world through a ssg shaped keyhole. You head wherever you like, we can choose to accompany you or not. The way you serve us best is by being true to yourselves.

  3. geez, i didnt know that y‘all almost canned the blog, its a good thing you didnt!

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  5. cdublew said it best really. Thanks for the hard work, really is appreciated.


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