Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ancient Methods tracklist

Below you'll find the tracklist for the 'Some Strings Attached' mix by Ancient Methods. We are really happy with the response to this one, and looking forward to the Disk Union promo CD-R coming out soon. This will be our final mix for 2011, so we would like to thank all the artists who contributed this year, and to all of you for downloading, listening and encouraging us to keep the mixes going. And special thanks to official.fm for their ongoing support; it is absolutely crucial for what we do and we really appreciate their hosting of all our mixes.

Ssg Special - Ancient Methods 'Some Strings Attached'

    •    Reformed Faction – Hollerei (Soleilmoon)
    •    Northern Structures – Powertools (Sonic Groove)
    •    Gigi Galaxy – Interview with an alien (Teknotika vs. Eye Q UK edit)
    •    Orphx vs. Ancient Methods – unreleased
    •    Pan Sonic – Lähetys/Transmission (Blast First Petite)
    •    NHK – Entire Set (Raster-Noton)
    •    Sawf – Zelo Radial Rmx (Perc Trax)
    •    Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton – Under Skin (Tresor)
    •    Silent Servant – El Mar Svreca Remix Two (Semantica)
    •    Carl Michael von Hausswolff – The North is protected (Sähkö)
    •    Edge of Motion – Del Motimiento (Djax Up)
    •    Monolith – Tribal Globe (Daft)
    •    Waldteufel – Das wilde Heer vom Hörselberg (Percht)
    •    Space DJ’s – Statistical Mechanics (Perc Trax)
    •    Robert Hood – Minus (Tresor)
    •    Mike Parker – Untitled (Geophone)
    •    Instincts – The Mystery Visions track 2 (Cyclic Law)
    •    Ugandan Methods – unreleased
    •    Frown – Untitled (Clip)
    •    Trans Am – I’m coming down (Thrill Jockey)
    •    Go Hiyama – Quibble (HueHelix)
    •    Regis – Blinding Horses (Blackest Ever Black)
    •    Makai – Beneath the mask (Prescription)
    •    Rory St. John – Noughtsmith (Singularity)
    •    Back Pack Poets – Objective G (Electric Deluxe)
    •    Siamgda – Andrumeda/Caravan Celebration Loop (Mind Plug)
    •    Surgeon – Radiance (Dynamic Tension)
    •    Mordant Music – Symptoms (Mordant Music)
    •    Forward Strategy Group – Code 02 (Perc Trax)
    •    Hecate & Kareem – Medusal (Zhark)
    •    Steve Stoll – Machine Riot (Earwiggle)
    •    Death in June/Iesope Drift – Fields/People Drift Loop (Leprosy Discs/E-Com)

That's it. More mixes in 2012...


  1. Great Podcast.. like it!!Full support friends!!

  2. brilliant mix, thanks alot guys, like that stuff check out some of the mixes we have on our site...similar type of techno offering


  3. went through this track listing with a fine tooth comb - added a lot of artists to my library - can't wait for the Ancient Methods and Uganda Methods releases


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