Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Smoke Machine has been doing a nice job curating their podcast series in 2011, and they have been featuring some excellent contributions from many friends of the ssgs. As part of their Smoke Machine series, they've had recent mixes from Yves De Mey, Nuel, Eric Cloutier, Neel, Abdulla Rashim and Yuka, while A.P and ASC have been part of their Uncover series. I'd recommend checking all these mixes, and many of the other ones they have. And now, it seems, it is my turn... 

What I have put together is a reconstructed version of the set I played at our last ‘Sound Garden’ chill out party here in Tokyo. My aim was to showcase the darker and more sombre side of the sounds I have been listening to lately. In doing so, however, I was trying hard to keep the balance right, making sure that the overall mood would not be too heavy or oppressive. I think I managed to do this.

Thanks to Josh at Smoke Machine for the invitation, and to everyone who has contributed to making our 'Sound Garden' parties a success. We'll be back at Orbit for our next session on Sunday 15 January. I hope you enjoy the mix.


  1. woau. what is the track @ min 10 ? i was feeling 1m above the ground

  2. thanks for listening! i will post the full tracklist later, but in answer to your question i think the track you are after is this one:

    audela - "zonked"

    it is from this release, which i would strongly recommend:

    amazing dark ambient.

  3. well done chris this is really exceptional stuff.
    just listened for the second time and love it.. exactly how i like my ambient at the moment, dark and gloomy. an even heavier mood would be more than welcome.
    my favourite moment is kyle maclachlan; sounded a bit odd and out of context at first but then i couldn't stop smiling.. very fitting indeed :)

  4. ok well, an other great mix from undiscover peace sonic lands ... great work here Chris as alway ! thx a lot fror remembering other productions, i found again with pleasure ASC (who did a fantastic work for MNML ))
    TIP !

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