Monday, December 5, 2011

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Well, it never rains, it pours, huh? After excellent sets from Move D and Fred P (including an apparently astonishing crate-emptying 11+ hour marathon set by Fred P at Killing Time, which I missed) and PvH showing everyone how it's done last Friday at 161 (still trying to locate my brain, actually), it's time for this side of the ssg machine to get together with Virgo Four, Magda Bytnerowicz, the Two Bright Lakes lads and Noiseinmyhead to light it up this Friday at the Buffalo Club.

If I do say so myself, this is a great gig: one of the best spaces in town (if you've never heard of it, its the ballroom of an actual gentlemen's club [not the Spearmint Hippo kind, mind], more or less as it was in the 60s), several of the most talented and interesting people playing together, a 90s cheap cover (only 20 Antipodean Spaceclams tickets available here) and an eminently reasonable series of set times. Come down for music kick off around 8:30pm: Virgo Four will hit the stage round 12am, Magda will close things out after they finish... we should have you all heading for bed just as KLF start singing '3am eternal'...

Also, for those of you who were/are planning on attending the Marcel Fengler gig, but were worried about clashing set times, we have managed to wangle it all for you guys: Marcel is playing an early set, so you should be able to attend, see him finish, jump in a cab, and make it over in time for Virgo's set. Really looking forward to seeing you all down there. Seriously, how is it that not only are there two gigs of this calibre on, but they are singin' in harmony...

Aaaaand... Magda Bytnerowicz has been hard at work, as usual, and has come up with an exceptional mix for us. This is a pearl: not Chicago, no no no, this one pays serious homage to Chez, Kerry, Timmy, Danny, Fran├žois, MaW - a proper NYC style house mix. Full tracklist to follow in the fullness of time, but in the meantime, here it is in all its glory - a sparkling representation of one of the sides of the sound that Sydney's first lady of house will be laying down.

   MagdaBytnerowicz kenny&louie&timmy&danny by Magda Bytnerowicz

Very excited, looking forward to it, can't wait...


  1. Will be a serious night of Techno.

  2. let me be clear on this, pc is now singing the praises of an mp3 player in addition to taking up the role of a promoter? this isn't my father's mnmlssgs

  3. @ todd: that 'RA sparkle' must finally be rubbing off on me, I guess... next comes the coke and bitches, right? And power, real power and influence, over the people that matter


    Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. >PC: Sometimes I forget that the SSG crew doesn't have influence over the people that matter. And then I go on Beatport... and I get sad. Well, you guys have influence over a lot of the people that do (You seem to have a good relationship with Dozzy, Ancient Methods, the Labyrinth crew and others, and I've seen Cloutier as a commenter on here) and should matter, so take pride in that.

    P.S. That track at 20:00 is bumpin' tight.


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