Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chill out in Tokyo

Hope everyone is having some good rest and time with loved ones, regardless of religious inclinations. The year isn't quite over yet, and I'm planning on penning some end of year thoughts, time and headspace permitting. But this is just a quick post to say that next Friday 30 December I am also going to be DJ'ing for 3 hours in the chill out room at the 'Sound Slugger' party at Tabloid in Tokyo. From what I have been told, this is a very cool event space, and it is great to see a chill out space being included in the party (the other rooms seem to be primarily dub, reggae and bass music). I'm looking forward to playing and hopefully opening a few people's minds to some different sounds. Still working out exactly what I will be playing, but given that I have 3 hours, it should give me plenty of time to explore... For more info, check the Sound Slugger page.

After that, we have our next Sound Garden chill out party on Sunday 15 January. As always, it is 16:00 - 23:00 at Bar Orbit with free entry. We'll post more information soon, but our special guest this time will be Sapphire Slows, a new Japanese artist who has just released a lovely EP on Not Not Fun. Details for the party are here, put it in your diary!

For me, one of the most positive developments this year has been our Sound Garden parties and in 2012 we are going to be working hard to continue to try to develop a bigger space for ambient and downbeat music in the scene in Tokyo, and more generally through our online presence. Hopefully you'll be seeing more like this in the months ahead...

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