Tuesday, December 7, 2010

tokyo party update

taken from where next?

just a quick post about some good parties coming up in tokyo over the next month or so. NYE is looking surprisingly quiet, but that's fine, as there are some other cool events happening.

first up, tonight (tues 7th) stewart walker is making a surprise appearance at dommune. nice one. walker is someone who i've been wanting to see since the late 90s, but i have always missed. glad that will finally be rectified! if you want to come tonight, you can register here, otherwise tune in at 9PM japan time. and on friday night jack sparrow is playing the next basement ltd. party at module, which should be interesting.

this weekend also sees the return of a good friend of the ssgs, mike parker, who is playing at the next mariana party on saturday 11th at warehouse702. along side him will be two other ssg favourites, iori and c_olvrin. i'm really looking forward to this. i was lucky enough to see mike play a private party earlier this year, and it was one of the best sets of techno i have heard in 2010. it had his usual driving intensity, but it was deeper and trippier than what i had previously heard from him. very excited to see what he comes up with this weekend... mariana has big december planned, as they are also bringing ben klock to play christmas night, again at warehouse702. full info on both the mariana parties here.

but the one to get really excited for is 8th january... mindgames, the crew behind labyrinth, are bringing sandwell district to tokyo. regis and function at unit, all night long. it is very rare for mindgames to do a club party (the last one was a few years ago), so this is definitely something to put in your diaries. quality sound and production is guaranteed, and with sandwell district on board, you can be assured there will be a night of awesome music. super excited for this. it has been a while since regis was last here, and this will be the debut of sandwell district in japan. good timing too, as their new album feed forward is finally about to drop. some details here and we'll have more info closer to the night.

the sandwell district party should kick off a strong january in tokyo (including some nice looking gigs at eleven), and we are now looking at organising the first MNML SSGS party here in tokyo for 2011... so plenty to look forward to!


  1. ah stewart walker, never saw him live. could / should be great. have fun!

  2. Must stop reading theses blogs, as feeling slightly out of the loop in Grafton! Been on a big sandwell district tip recently and would love to check them again. Only live music hereabouts are the bands after the running of the santas?. No mnml ssg's bbq for us black sheep either...Bust a move for us at all these and more , cheers for all your food for thought. particularly enjoyed the detroit triptych and comments which i only got around to reading the other day - trompe l'oeil...

  3. The Stewart Walker set was amazing. Hope it will be available in reasonable quality mp3 (or better) soon.

  4. hmmm, was thinking about going up to Tokyo from Fukuoka for Christmas where Ken Block is doing a set! Otherwise Jeff Mills Christmas gig in Osaka looks pretty enticing :D
    I don't think I'll be able to make it to Mindgames as I'll be busy here then.
    When abouts, roughly, are you planing the mnmlssgs gig??? very excited

  5. @ special k: as soon as everything is confirmed, i'll make an announcement. my advice would be do whatever you can to get to tokyo for the SD gig on the 8th. it is going to be one of the best parties of 2011 for sure.

  6. Ken Block, love it! :D
    Just danced for about 10 hours straight on the berhain floor to a b2b set by function and regis. mindblowing!


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