Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Donato Dozzy Kosmische mix tracklist

Here's the tracklist for Dozzy's Kosmische mix, which gives a good idea of how carefully it was composed. Thanks again to Donato and Russ for this.

Ssg Special: Donato Dozzy Kosmische Labyrinth mix

1)    00-37”  sample from Mikrophonie 1 by KarlHeinz Stockhausen (CBS 1965)
2)    37”- 2,37  The Marilyn Monroe-memorial-church by Amon Duul II (from the album “Dance of the Lemmings”-United Artists Records 1971)
3)    2,37- 7,00 Satz Exil Sils Maria by Klaus Schulze (from the album “Irrlicht” – Brain 1972)
4)    7,00- 11,25 Jahresuberblick by Neu! (from the album “Neu!” Brain 1972)
5)    11,25- 16,10 Meditation 1 by Laraaji (from the album “Day of Radiance”, number 3 in the “Ambient” series/prod Brian Eno E.G. rec 1980).    it plays together with a loop from Panorphelia, from the album “Aqua”. Prod by Edgar Froese, Virgin 1974
6)    16,10- 17,33 overture from KlingKlang by Kraftwerk (from the album Kometenmelodie 2, Philips 1973)
7)    17,33- 21,10 Oleo Strut by Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Co. (from the album “Like a Duck to Water”, Earthquack Rec 1976).
8)    21,10- 29,05 Music for 18 Musicians (movements 9-10) by Steve Reich (ECM Rec 1978). Before the end of movement 10, the previous track shows up again and introduces the next one.
9)    29,05- 31,00 Betrachtung by Roedelius  (from the album “Lustwandel”, Sky 1981)
10) 31,00- 36,18 Kyrie by Popol Vuh (from the album “Hosianna Mantra”, originally released on Pilz in 1972). This version is coming from a Celestial Harmonies repress, 1981
11)  36,18- 51,40 Rubycon Part 1 by Tangerine Dream (from the album “Rubycon”, Virgin 1975). The track slowly fades out accompained by a drum loop taken from “Mad Puppet”, performed by Goblin (from the album “Profondo Rosso”, Cinevox 1975).
12) 51,40- 61,02 Sehr Kosmisch by Harmonia (from the album “Musik Von Harmonia”, Brain 1974)
13) 61,02- 64,00-  reprise from “Satz Exil Sils Maria” by Klaus Schulze, it plays together with “One More Day” by Can ( from the album “Out of Reach”, Harvest 1978) and the looped overture of the following track.
14) 64,00- 71,10 Hei├če Lippen (edit) by Cluster (from the album “Zuckerzeit”, Brain,1974)
15) 71,10- 72,20  Traummaschine by Ash Ra Tempel (from the album “Ash Ra Tempel” originally released in 1971 by Ohr, this is a re-press from Spalax Music 2004), plays together with D.I.S., performed by Soft Machine (from the album “Seven”, CBS 1973)
16) 72,20- 79,26 Tanzmusic by Kraftwerk (from the album “Kometenmelodie 2”, Philips 1973)
17) 79,26- 82,37  Radio Stars by Kraftwerk (from the album “Radio-Activity”, Capitol Records 1975)
18) 82,37- end       “Transparent Radiation” by Spacemen 3 (from the album “The Perfect Prescription”,  Fire Records, 1989)


  1. Great set! Glad to see some Klaus Schulze stuff inside, I love this artist!

  2. DJ Shadow used the 7th part in ...Entroducing. It is always nice hearing a sample he used in a different context! Great mix. Beautifully put together

  3. Awesome set by Donato Dozzy. Respect! I thought I had a decent collection of Krautrock but I own only half of the tracks. I also recognized the part from Endtroducing. As well as some of the instruments Eno used on Ambient 4: on land that come from Steve Reich. Didn't know that. Nice to hear where those samples come from. Truly an expanding and ground-breaking set in many ways! Mesmerizing stuff...

  4. thanks for Mr. Dozzy!

    you have my support:


  5. Shortly after I first met Donato in person, I was a guest at his house in San Felice. I distinctly remember listening to Edgar Froese's "Aqua" in his kitchen as we prepared ourselves for the studio sessions that would follow and the night at Brancaleone. This era of electronic music is very important to us and it is my hope that people can hear its influence in our own recordings...

    For those who are interested, my gushing fan-boy review of Tangerine Dream's "Phaedra" can be read here:


  6. the start of it all for me was a 3 disc tangerine dream set called 'dream sequences'.. rubycon was on heavy rotation.. good fodder for a 12 year old brain.

    haven't listened to it in a long time, this was a full circle for me, coming back from a small ambient gig in seattle on the train, watching puget sound go by to the sounds of my formative years.

    cheers dozzy.

  7. Great selection - a lot of effort went into this - really enjoyed the transitions!

  8. Amazing and inspiring set there by mr Dozzy. Thanks for the effort with setlist!


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