Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ssg Special - Felix K/Hidden Hawaii

Some mixes are simply better than others. I can’t figure out which one is which here, because each is better than the other… both sound as supple as if Felix just pulled record after record out of his box and followed the flow of his own mixed thoughts - effortless. It just so happens that the mixing is also super tight, and the programming is perfect. Labels are for jam jars, tracklists are for trainspotters, good mixes are for keeps – and these are keepers.

Felix has been around for a long time, but came to our attention only earlier this year, via the anonymous 1-sided QNS series, which you can check out here, here, here and here. Basically, Felix is in the midst of the manufacture of some very advanced music.

Felix K (Hidden Hawaii) - Ssg Special Mix pt1

Felix K (Hidden Hawaii) - Ssg Special Mix pt2

More info: Felix K / Hidden Hawaii


  1. also, FYI: tracklists weren't provided for these mixes.

  2. these are brilliant! part 2 is making my afternoon!!! cheers

  3. Really liked the QNS EPs. Can't wait to hear those mixes!

  4. only through the first part yet, and no chance for the second, as I WANT to listen to part 1 again & again! amazing mix..

  5. The tune that enters at 1 hour 12 mins of part one, is jaw droppingly good.

    Obviously the whole mix is great too.

  6. this is one of the only tracks i recognised. for me this is about as deep as techno goes - monojunk what a great mix!!

  7. so far i've only managed to tackle part one, but i'm definitely impressed. some serious tracks in there...and its a bummer there's no tracklist!

    however, i do feel that a few of the mixes were mixed in dubstep fashion - that is, quite quickly, and with very little transition or blend to them.

  8. Brilliant Mixes, especially No. 1. Some of my current favourites in there.

    @ Eric Cloutier
    Managed to the get the puzzle almost together:

    00:00 Freund der Familie – The Symbian (Christopher Rau remix) | Freund der Familie
    13:30 John Roberts – August (Glass Eights) | Dial
    21:00 Even Tuell | Track 1 Workshop 11 | Workshop
    27:00 Deep Chord – Electro Magnetic Dowsing | Synth
    32:30 Move D – Aspiration 2010 | Soul People Music
    41:00 Silent Servant – El Mar | Semantica
    45:00 The End of all Existence (Milton Bradley – TEOAE | TEOAE
    58:00 L.B. Dub Corp. – Take it down (in Dub) | Ostgut Ton
    1:04:00 Delta Funktionem – One’s Space | Delsin
    1:08:00 Prince of Denmark – Soulfood | Giegling Staub
    1:13:00 Mono Junk – Channel B | Styrax Leaves

  9. @tms, quite right, it's pretty much perfection. That synth line sounds like it could tear itself apart at any moment.

  10. Super bummer about the lack of tracklist, but I'm glad Plan17 has got some of it. Only recognized LB Dub Corp.

    There were a few tracks that were oddly familiar, but I can't put my finger on them.

  11. I'm really fascinated that some of you guys went ahead and assembled a tracklist...

    ...makes me wonder the extent to which it's possible to listen to music without knowing what you're listening to and what that means, how it fits into your sound map...


  12. @ PC: In this case I could just spot some of the tracks while knowning I knew some of the others but couldn’t identify at once. But finding out wasn’t that much of a hassle.

    But to answer the question. Sure it is. In my case it’s is not only possible but also very welcome. The best example is maybe the Kettenkarussell live PA (the 2.5 hour one from the Fusion Festival) where all the tracks where unknown as it was all their own material. They even did not have their first Giegling 12" out at that time. That mix was – and still – is mindblowing + heartmelting.

  13. Yeah these mixes are hot shit! Hats off to the ssgs for once again tracking down quality in some far flung place (person!?) I'd never heard of.

  14. Thank you for your blog and the mixes it provides. It has gotten me to listen to some really great music.

  15. These are phenomenal. I had no idea who Felix K was until earlier this year, when I stumbled upon this beauty, which you'll recognize from part II. I was quite pleasantly surprised.
    Part I is an excellent mix for sure, but I think musically part II is much more interesting. I listen to a good deal of minimal, "autonomic"-style dnb, but aside from his own tune and two or three others which I recognized, I haven't heard much of anything elsewhere that sounds like this stuff, at least not in dnb-land.
    @PC: I think the extent to which it's possible to listen to a mix without knowing what one is hearing is shrinking, as information becomes exponentially more and more accessible. It's so much easier now for people like me, who research and catalogue music compulsively, to take mixes apart; and though I always miss the feeling of being immersed entirely in something mysterious and new, it's difficult not to make use of the wealth of information that's available. Part of me wants to say it's a shame- I know I'm much less able to be completely lost in a mix once it's been parsed out into its tracks- but another part of me wants to say that it's useless to adopt such a backward-looking, nostalgic attitude about the evolution of music...

  16. I enjoyed the first mix and it more or less sums up what I like to play, but I still have a problem going from really deep and dubby stuff to more mainline techno in one recording (and I mean mainline in the sense of mainlining heroin, not "mainstream"—not that I've ever "mainlined" anything). Nevertheless, gotta say that Soulfood track by Prince of Denmark is unreal. I did a double take for that one, and now the vinyl is on its way :D

  17. Oh, and Lara, I can relate to what you're saying. I always appreciate a track list as personally I'd like to have the option to buy the records, but at the same time it works in reverse and it'll happen that I hear something and realize the potential of a song I already had but never heard that way. If I know the track well I'm at a risk of projecting my own interpretation of it onto the mix instead of just taking in the journey. Gotta say so far the best "solution" is the wait a week, release track list approach. Obviously, because mnml ssgs do it better.


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