Sunday, December 12, 2010

sunday sounds - yuka

quite a few people have been asking about why there haven't been more sunday sounds recently... one of the main reasons is simply that it can be difficult getting the right kind of mixes that are perfectly geared for a sunday; something that works whether you are relaxing, hungover, studying, preparing for the next week, whatever. relaxed, downbeat, but yes, still having that beat there ticking over helps... this new mix from yuka definitely fulfills all of those criteria... lovely deep beats for a sunday.

that'll do for an introduction. put it on, relax, enjoy your day. and if you missed it, make sure you get yuka's mnml ssgs mx28, it's a killer.

yuka - sunday sounds mix

for more info & other links, check yuka's DJ page on RA. big thanks to yuka for sharing this mix with the ssgs.


  1. Great! Perfect music on the Sunday I'm having.

  2. awesome mix, can't wait for the tracklist.

  3. or if anyone can identify the track playin at 52:00? so fresh

  4. magnificent mix, and not only on sundays.

    Thanks yuka and mnml ssgs!

  5. Im in love her sounds already! Thank you for giving us this beautiful set. This most definately sets the mood right. It did in my case. I have been craving something new and fresh, yet substle, and Yuka delivered above my expectations!


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