Thursday, December 9, 2010

ssg special - senking

it is again that time when 'best of' lists are appearing, and everyone is weighing in on the high points of 2010. we are still finalising our selections, but both PC and i are firmly in agreement that senking's 'pong' will definitely be in our top 10 albums, and raster-noton will once again be in our top 10 labels. given this, we are truly delighted that this week's ssg special is a live set from senking.

i've been trying to work out how best to introduce this recording, and i'm really not sure how, as PC's excellent set of reflections on 'pong' are equally appropriate here. what PC highlights so well is the unique combination you find: 'a perfectly contemporary interpellation of 90s d&b tropes, but ... with the kind of sound design that has made raster-noton the home of some of the advanced music of the past ten years.' the result is utterly compelling. there is something incredibly epic and powerful in senking's music, and i think this is where the reference to deep sea diving really makes sense... this isn't supposed to be an easy way of saying the music is 'deep', because that isn't what i'm getting at - listening to this you are heading for the ocean floor, music for underwater exploring. enough talking, here you go. electronic depth charges from the mighty senking:

ssg special live set - senking

special thanks to jens for creating this stunning recording for us. given his long and impressive discography, we are especially proud to be featuring what i think might be his first online recording. thanks also to janet and remco, and markus at r-n who all helped in setting this one up. for more info on senking, including booking, check raster-noton. now put on your diving suit, and go under with this set from senking.


  1. I’d like to brag publicly here that since Pong I’ve purchased 4 other Senking albums including the now very rare self-titled first album, and 3 other albums from his side projects

  2. yep,
    at the top this year,
    no missing frequencies in this one..

  3. Only a halfway listen, but it makes me seriously think to follow @theyurinator, and stack up with everthing that has Senking on it. I hope Santa is a proud ssg and reads this.


  4. expected much much more, i hate when people describe music as its godsend, it makes you listen for something that you have never heard before..
    overall nothing extraordinary.album was nothing more to me too :)
    im not saying its bad, im just saying my opinion :)

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed this set. Many of the ideas remind me of Loefah or something - hearkening back to some early, purist dubstep aesthetic.

    Thanks, mnmlssgs!

  6. The sample at like 26 min that he uses until the end makes me want to throw up. I don't know what it is about it. It's a really good liveset, though.

  7. Yes, Pong is one of my favourite releases for 2010.

    Downloading the liveset very eagerly. :)

    Thanks guys.

  8. you know when things just sound right and work out and sounds just fill you entirely exactly like you want.

    that was this. time/emotion/sounds.

    all aligning.

    it's good to know music can still do that.

  9. For what it's worth, in my opinion, 'Pong' stands as top cd release of 2010. Qualities I love are all here - exciting sounds and crystalline production, an overall understated, dreamy, mellowness that you can still move to; hints of otherworldliness; a kind of light heartedness that shows it doesn't take itself too seriously; and an overall sound that meanders in and around the edges of the dub/techno genres. I'm a bit late in finding this, but thanks again to you for another quality offering!


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