Friday, December 31, 2010

into light

i really love the transition from one year to the next. a great opportunity to reflect on the year past, and prepare for the year ahead. i'm still processing everything that happened in 2010, but it has definitely been a great year. a lot of special moments, memories and experiences... i've been very lucky to be surrounded and supported by a lot of excellent people, and i'm deeply thankful to all of them: yuri, peter, dave, ben, and the labyrinth family: russ, yasuyo and the rest of the hooligirls, donato, peter vh, plus all the other ssgs out there. thank you. this mix is for all of you.

chris - into light mix

excited for 2011. lets make it an even better year.


  1. Thanks Chris, looking forward to this, you guys helped make my 2010 and I look forward to listening to more forward thinking music with you guys in 2011.

  2. I am one of the many silent followers of this blog, but I feel like i really need to give thanks to you lads for all your work over the last few years. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that this blog has tuned me in to some stuff I would've never seen or heard otherwise. The impact of your work on the wider community of like minded folks cannot be underestimated. Thank you. Happy 2011.

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  4. I completely agree with matchew's words. You folks did a very great job and I hope you are going to do it this year and the next year, and the next year...thumbs up for you:]

    P.S. is there going to ny tracklist for this mix? :]]

  5. thanks for the kind words. and yes, i'll post the tracklist in a few days. just need to finish putting it together.

  6. shit chris this is awesome.

    very much looking forward to the tl, see what i've totally missed this (last) year.


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