Monday, November 9, 2009

sunday sounds

i didn't know quite what to put up this week, but found myself listening to this on the way to the office today and realised it'd fit just nicely... here is a lovely little mix by ezekiel honig for his anticipate label.

ezekiel honig - anticipate mix #1
soundcloud mirror

1. M. Templeton + aA. Munson - It's OK to Fall - Acre Loss
2. M. Templeton + aA. Munson - Safer - Acre Loss
3. Nicola Ratti - Voluta Musica - From the Desert Came Saltwater
4. Sawako - Purple Sky Coming - Madoromi
5. Ezekiel Honig - Past Tense Kitchen Movement - Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band
6. Nicola Ratti - Coconut - From the Desert Came Saltwater
7. Mark Templeton - Please Take Me - Inland
8. Morgan Packard - Untitled - Album title TBA
9. Mark Templeton - From Verse to Verse - Standing on a Hummingbird
10. Klimek - Sound of Confusion - Movies is Magic
11. Klimek - For Marvin Gaye and Russell Jones - Dedications

quiet, reflective ambient sounds for a sunday. enjoy.


  1. thank you! this goes well with the autumn sun of today.

  2. is that picture up there taken from "spirited away"?

  3. @ sma: yep, well spotted. one of my favourite movies...

  4. interesting. i just saw it again about a week ago. it's one of my favorite movies, too. i probably watched it around ten times now, but there is still always something new to discover every time.

  5. will get around to grabing this. really enjoying these sunday sounds chris. that joy orbison mix has been in my car stereo on repeat, amazing sounds. keep em coming

  6. @ ausio: cheers. with a bit of luck, might have something special lined up for this sunday...

    and i reckon that joy orbison mix would be perfect for driving about!


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