Wednesday, November 4, 2009

brussels bound

just a quick post about the cimatics festival in brussels later this month, which is going to be my next techno roadtrip. i booked my flights for the final weekend for what looks like two great nights of music. on friday 27th, there is a time to express label night with function, peter van hoesen, eavesdropper, sensu, and the first ever live performance of sendai. nice. very excited to see the belgians on their home turf and function killing it again. then on saturday 28th, vladislav delay is doing an audiovisual show with lillevan at the brussels planetarium. i'm super excited about this. vlad has been my favourite producer since about 2000 and now, finally, i will be able to see him live. can't wait. and if that isn't enough, to finish things off, donato dozzy and norman nodge at playing the closing party at fuse. nice. a perfect weekend of tasty ssg music.

in related news, i'd strongly suggest having a look at this new indepth interview with dozzy. a really interesting discussion that covers a lot of ground.

more soon when i get a bit more inspiration. feeling rather flat after a very demotivating experience in london last weekend. but more on that later.


  1. oh boohoo you - sounds terrible ! Envious.
    On The Time To Express - I am sure you have probably put this up previously but I only stumbled on this last week - the PVH set.
    Just brilliant - very high rotation.

    I'm sure the label night will be amazing. Thanks also for the Dozzy interview tip - def will check that out.

    On Dozzy, and Cio, I've found great sets on Fairtilizer and MPIII that I didn't know existed.

    Good (and re-motivating) travels to you.

  2. me again - that Dozzy interview is a must read people. We alway knew he just oozed passion and this interview really confirms that, and for me, demystifies the man to a degree. Who knew - he's human ?!

    I also now know now where that ... gnarly menacing bassline in Real Love with Giorgio Gigli, was gestated. *** GOLD ***

  3. see you in brussels chris! :-)

  4. there is a train from london to brussels you know.

  5. @ anon: yeah, i know. only problem is that i am 5 hours away from london. easier flying out of a local airport.

  6. Just a quick note to the admin of this site, chris or whatever your name is. this blog fucking sucks. it is narrow minded and completely off point mate. if you have something critical to say, do it in a tasteful manner not like the little child you are.

    people work hard to make the music they love and for a lot of them, also support their families through music. have a little respect and if you have something negative to say, try doing it in a tasteful manner.

    obviously, you ve done so to get a rise out of people and its worked. mission accomplished. if you want to make enemies, this is a sure fire way to do it. watch your back cause you never know who might be behind you....

  7. @ last anon: i am really not sure what exactly brought about this comment, especially as this post has nothing negative or critical to say.

    if we are sometimes critical here, it is because we care. i'm not sure who you are, or what role you play in the scene (if any), or why exactly you are so upset with what we do. but we've received a large amount of feedback from a wide range of sources indicating that this blog has been having a positive impact. among the things we've done, i'd argue we've done a good job of raising the profile of some lesser known talents, and i know for a fact that artists have got bookings and recognition as a result of mixes they've done for us. so we've definitely had an impact in supporting artists.

    if you don't like what we do, then do read, there are plenty of other sources on the internet. we are going to keep trying to do our bit to support music we believe in, but we are also not going to hype stuff simply because we should, or become a promo tool for others. we are not interested in doing that.

  8. @ last anon: i'd also say, if you are going attack us like that, don't hide behind anonymity and at least say who you are.

  9. chris, i personally don't think you should waiste your time with such loosers... just keep on doing the great job.

  10. thanks.

    also, made a mistake, what i meant to write was: if you don't like it, then *don't* read. pretty crucial mistake there...

    i'd also say if you dont like what we do, get active, do something. part of the reason we started this blog is because we didnt like what others were saying. i'd encourage you to start something, challenge what we are doing, try to make a positive impact in your own way, rather than just writing negative comments using the anonymous tag.

  11. @ the anon: i'd also say we put a huge amount of time into this blog with writing posts, maintaining the site, organising mixes, trying to keep up with all the correspondence etc. and unlike many other sites, we have no advertising, we make no money from this. we are not doing this for profit. and we certainly are not trying to do this to attack or hurt people. all the time and energy we put into the blog is because of our passion for the music, we care about it deeply. we support the music and people we believe in and i'm not going to apologise for that.

  12. those trolls are ridiculous. such small people to not even say who they are.

    anyways, thanks for the dozzy interview. just got around to reading it. thoughtful and totally makes me want to get a 303 more than ever now.

    keep it up gentlemen. i love this blog, even if i don't always agree. but that's what the internet is for, right?

  13. Yep... Shit like that really doesn't belong here, but these things just can't be avoided at a public forum-type setting.

    Supporters of mnml ssgs, let's show some love to cancel out the unpleasant comment above!

    I've discovered new artists, labels, and entire genres here and it's all brought so much excitement and inspiration and passion and positivity and joy into my life. And to many others, I'm sure. Keep your chin up!

  14. If it wasn't for this blog, I would still be listening to mnml...

  15. i'm having a really hard time figuring out where the abrasive comment stemmed from. i skimmed the last few weeks of posts and there hasn't been a bit of real negativity, and so far as i can tell it has to be coming from something a ways back.

    the only thing i could think of was the comment about miskate from a ways back, but that's it.

    regardless, i'll fully defend chris and the blog for all its opened my world up to, as well as having been a like-minded place of expression that has allowed me to meet good friends and enjoy great times.

    it sucks that someone has to poo-poo on chris, but i guess that's just all the more reason to disallow anonymous comments.

    everyone here posts what they mean and feel under their own name or a screen name, so it should be done across the board to deter mindless jabs like that one.

  16. yeah that anon comments seems pretty silly. i'd ignore it. also, listen to Sven Weisemann

  17. thanks charlie: do you mean in general, or the new 'zine' release. interested in that.

    and big thanks to eric for the support too. we've been trying hard to avoid turning off anonymous comments, but this might be enough for us to do it.

  18. @ threatening anon: why you've come onto these pages i do not know? you make a completely unjustified comment, anonymously, and with a cowardly threat to boot. you have added ZERO to the conversation. if you wanted to discuss things sensibly, even anonymously, i'm sure people would engage you. you might even get some closure on whatever it is that has riled you. but by threatening one ssg i feel like you're threatening all of us "associate ssgs"! so please do us all a favour - comment in a civil manner....or go away.

    keep up the good work chris. brussels looks great (almost as good as berlin...!)

  19. that brussels weekend looks seriously fun - so many tasty treats on offer! - having seen Norman Nodge at Plex last Friday I reckon he's worth the trip alone (massive shame about the reasons behind his extended set though - am guessing this might be the demotivating experience you're alluding to)

  20. there seems to have been lots of negativity in general in comments sections across the internet the past month or so. i don't know what spurred on this particular comment, but it's certainly a confusing one. mnml ssgs has opened me up to a world of producers and djs i've come to love and given many little-known people the recognition they deserve.

    i dont find mnml ssgs to ever really be negative, and when they are its because of their desire to speak the truth. i've disagreed with their opinions on occasion, but youll find that the discussions here are always friendly and interesting.

    anyway, ive praised the blog countless times in comments and emails. all i have left to say is that im extremely jealous of your upcoming brussels road trip. i long to see the hose play on his home turf (or at all, for that matter), and the addition of vlad, dozz, et all seems primed for one mindblowing weekend.

  21. totally agree @jonnyp. thought about a reasonably answer, but couldn´t post it better.

    keep up the good work, there is full support by so many people!

  22. yes, thanks to chris and the other ssgs who run this site... i've discovered a whole realm of music that i hadn't known about before (such as the prologue label and this genre of deep 'headfuck' techno) and almost everything i've listened to that has been linked on here has been quality, and it has inspired me to do my own searching to discover fresh interesting, but all-too-obscure music. i've referenced this site many times around the internets in response to people looking for something new in terms of electronic music. for those of us who don't live in germany, etc, or can't travel much, having great music to listen to in the comfort of our own home is a pleasant substitute. i'm still waiting for some u.s. promoters to get clued in and bring musicians like the ones oft-mentioned here stateside...

    only complaint i have is the coming end to the mix series, but i can understand wanting to go out on top. i still have only listened to maybe 10 of them and i have a while to go.

  23. thanks guys. @ brian: my guess is the problem is not so much promoters in the US, but the crowds. the kind of music we push here is not that popular, which can make it hard to tour people from europe, because you cant simply be guaranteed the numbers in many places for promoters to brake even. but for what's its worth, the US is consistently equal with the UK for most readers for the blog, so there is definitely a group of people who like this sound. i guess they're just too spread out...

  24. I'm with all my 'associate ssgs' in saying that this site has (sorry for the hyperbole...) changed my life. I mean that.

    I have been given more inspiration, more passion, more enthusiasm and more love for this music thanks to Chris and the gang. I honestly don't even get music from anywhwre else, as ssgs just seems to offer exactly what I need, everytime.

    I have never ONCE encountered any blatant negativity from you Chris. In fact, your response to the anon d-bag was quite respectful!

    I could wax poetic about this for a few thousand more words, so I'll close by saying: Thank you ssgs for everything you have done for the music, for the artists and for my life. Ssgs forever!!!

  25. I think the person made the comment to be ironic.

    I am sure you will notice that in an average day's surfing, this is about the LEAST negative or disrespectful as an open forum/blog can get.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  26. perhaps it's in response to the 'acid casualties' thread from a week or so back? That's the only recent post I can think of that could provoke a response like this. It's either all a joke, or it's someone who's just way to sensitive to any sort of criticism.

  27. I would have ignored that comment to be frank, pretended like it wasn't even there. Not easy to do I know, but rather fair-minded and eloquent to boot - all the things Chris was accused of not being.

    Anyone blessed with an enquiring mind can see that while opinionated, this blog is also surprisingly non-negative. Not a quality you can ascribe to the majority of dance sites.

  28. I have nothing but positives to say about the work that you guys put into this site. Your passion for the music is evident in each post, random update and mix uploaded.

    You've opened my ears to so many new avenues of electronic music, in doing so completely rejuvenated my interest in it.


    I think the calm and well-measured response was perfect to the goose who had a dig. Nothing highlights aggressiveness and overreactions than their polar opposites.

    Oh, and the relative close-mindedness* of this blog is what makes it fantastic.

    Anonymously posting rubbish like that instantly removed any credibility he/she may have once enjoyed.

    Thanks again for the great blog!

    * the focus on 'ssg' artists and the like.

  29. cheers for the blog guys, I dont have too much to say except I enjoy dropping in, reading thoughts that are bouncing around and picking up the mixes.

    really enjoy reading,

    all the best


  30. Nice, we're going to. It would be a nice weekend !
    Hope to see you there :)

  31. love this blog!
    but what does 'ssgs' mean?

  32. @ diem: mnml ssgs = minimal sausages. it is taken from an old twerk record, 'geeky minimal sausage party'. seemed kind of appropriate...

  33. Oh, I missed this comment chain here. Full support, great place to come for music/opinions on music/event [like this on] and so on. I would suggest that it is completely fucking useless to think about what could upset the dude (is this appropriate for females as wel?!)...should comment there, where the problem/offense was.

    and btw, with the supporting families and work: hell yeah that is true! reading this blog I bought music from artists I haven't known before. so we support them as well :-)


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