Sunday, November 15, 2009

sunday sounds: silent servant

we've got something special for you this sunday: a new mix by our very good friend, silent servant. inspired by a super deep opening set from regis at the recent sandwell district gig in berlin, this is a more downbeat and introspective mix, well suited for a sunday. in his own words, "it is an all vinyl mix from a stack of my favorite dub techno and dub inspired non techno tracks. it was mixed in one shot." this shows yet another side of juan mendez, further illustrating the depth and breadth of his musical knowledge. i am consistently impressed by this man's creativity, and strongly feel he is one of the most interesting and worthwhile voices in contemporary techno. respect.

there is a tracklisting, which i'll add in the comments section in a day or two. big thanks to juan for this mix. i'm very happy we've had another opportunity to collaborate with him. for more info, make sure to check sandwell district's 'where next?' blog.

have a good sunday people...


  1. sorry it appears fairtilizer is spazzing out right now, and we've reached our download quota on soundcloud, so please use the sendspace mirror until fairtilizer is back working.

  2. ok, looks like fairtilizer is working again now. good.

  3. mmmm you're right - perfectly suited to Sunday. This SS goodness, book, sofa, tea, puss - perfect. Love the dub start too & progression. Nice one Chris. Again.
    With thanks.

  4. ahhrgh,, 11:14 am here and this mix is pure braincells massage, thank you!


  5. J. Mendez has a great knowledge and a great feel for all kinds of music. His Silent Servant mixes for ssgs are some of my favorite techno mixes, but he's got some equally great non-techno mixes up at here:

    check them out if you havn't already. Thanks to SS and SSGS for sharing the isolation mix.

  6. Nice one. Thanks for more lovely sounds :)

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  8. Loving everything Silent Servant right now, I was epecially happy to hear the inclusion of opening track 'Fade Away' by New Age Steppers in this mix from 1980. The On-U Sound label and especially producer Adrian Sherwood played a massive part in the development of modern dub and it is nice to finally see him being acknowledged. Thanks again!

  9. Really enjoyed this - perfect for the Monday morning commute.

  10. as promised, here is the tracklisting:

    1. new age steppers // fade away
    2. maximum joy // silent street
    3 sandoz // king dread
    3 carl craig // the climax (basic reshape)
    4 deep chord // vantage isle (dc mix 1)
    5 pendal coven // uncivil engineering
    6 7027 // the pace
    7 maurizio // 4
    8 maurizio // 4.5
    9 deepchord // electromagnetic dowsing
    10 ben klock // sub zero (Function - Regis Remix)
    11 vladislav delay // recovery idea (andy stott remix)
    12 kit clayton // ikar
    13 ridis // triangle
    14 luke hess // motor dub

  11. What a great mix. Thanks for bringing to us, and thank you Silent Servant for making it.

  12. pure class this mix. many thanks

  13. Well said "jonnyp", Juan Mendez is always got the class.

    GREAT mix - It's so intriguing to see other sides of artists/djs (not that this "non-techno" or anything, but you know what I mean)

    SSGS does it again.


  14. Just noticed on Santiago Salazar's myspace page that the new Historia Y Violencia 03 is available (apparently only on mp3 at this point).

    Nonetheless have a listen or make a purchase.

    HyV is a label, if you don't know, started by Silent Servant and Santiago Salazar. One track from each. Great to see these two artists working together...brings out a distinct feel from both of them.

    on the bottom left.

  15. why does this mix have to stop? why can't it be endless? i love it! ty very much for it

  16. Dubwise !

    love it.

    Thanks again ssgs & SS
    best blog around!

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  18. only now have i gotten around to listening to this...

    great mix, starting with very intriguing 'authentic' dub tracks and then building up. i especially like from the maurizio tracks onward. cheers!


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