Thursday, November 19, 2009

full of love

just a quick post, my girl has been going on a big maurice fulton bender recently, and this has encouraged me to revisit this mix of his, which is very dear to my heart. this mix kept me company on many long, boring drives between melbourne and canberra... despite maurice being around since the year dot and generally being recognised as a house legend, i still feel he is massively under-rated. as far as i'm concerned, he is one of the best house djs about and his productions are light years ahead of most house music. simply put, maurice is the bomb. i'd strongly suggest following his bubbletease podcast mixes (i think this is the link). and here is this classic mix from him. warm house music that puts a smile on your face. enjoy.

maurice fulton @ betalounge 15.2.04

0:00-07:06 I:cube - vacuum jackers (maurice fulton remix)
07:06-12:35 Touche - Wrap it Up (maurice fulton remix)
12:35-17:35 Extra - Haven't Been Funked Enough (maurice fulton remix)
17:35-19:55 ?
19:55-25:55 Second Image - Can't Keep Holdin On
25:55-29:05 Quando Quango - Love Tempo
29:05-33:20 Tata Vega - Get It Up For Love (maurice fulton remix)
33:20- 40:05 MSFB - Love is the Message
40:05-45:20 Willie Colon - Set Fire to Me
45:20-51:05 A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray
51:05-59:00 Herbie Hancock - Thought It Was You (maurice fulton remix)
59:00-1:05:45 Skyy - Here's to You
1:05:45-1:12:50 Gwen Guthrie - It Should Have Been You
1:12:50-1:17:30 Jimmy Bo Horne - Is It In?
1:17:30-1:21:30 Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (maurice fulton remix)
1:21:30-1:25:20 George Benson - Love x Love
1:25:20-1:30:00 Stevie Wonder - All I Do
1:30:00-1:35:00 Billy Ocean - One of Them Nights
1:35:00-1:39:10 Chi-Lites - Are You My Woman?
1:39:10-1:43:10 Can never remember who this is
1:43:10- Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved
1:48:55-1:54:55 Gewn Guthrie - Ain't Nothin Goin' On but the Rent
1:54:55- Ost & Kjex (Cheese & Biscuit) : Eaten Back To Life EP (Maurice Fulton mix)


  1. i forgot how totally awesome the final record he plays is. ah, i love this mix.

  2. Can't wait to hear!! I love Bubbletease 51 and I've listened to it like 30 times already, I'm sure. Amazes me how awesome Maurice Fulton can make that [pretty lame] Simian Mobile Disco track that starts around 11mins in sound.

    And Boof is super awesome!!

  3. link to download bubbletease 51 please

  4. @ funky5: here you go (we got a search function on the right side of the blog):

  5. Rally liked the Silent Servant mix and really looking forward to this one. Cheers big ears!!!

  6. heard Maurice 3 months ago @ The Block club ( Tel-Aviv ).

    was the weirdest and one of the best parties i've ever been to.

    he is a genius - he really is.
    maybe he is a real snob. cause he turned off all the club's light almost to complete darkness, put a black t-shirt on his bold head. refused to be photographed at all. covered his face over and over again. and even stopped the music twice in a row cause some back light was disturbing his inner peace.

    but seeing him actually mixing !!!
    disco & funk and not just play it - fade-in-fade-out and hearing all his unreleased tracks was top notch.
    he def delivered one of the best sets i've heard in the last year ...

    thank for this mix.


  7. Can anyone link this up somewhere else - I can't get Megaupload in Hong Kong... thanks....

  8. Cheers, sounds like a good one

    @Chris - you've lived in Melbourne too ?

  9. @ wanchai: will try to sort out an alternate link for you today.

    @ robert: born and raised in melb...

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  11. damn, the bubbletease 51 link is not working, can't find it anywhere, remeber the first track gave me some sleepless nights... can someone upload it?

    mediafire mirror: Maurice Fulton live @ Betalounge

  12. @ tie.will: hang on, will up it now for you.

  13. here you go, link for bubbletease 51:

    thanks for doing a mirror for the other mix.

  14. @chris. Well I hate to keep going on about it but I do find that awefully great. I figured you were all from london, new york, paris, berlin, tokyo etc etc etc. Where you live now? Why isn't this music in Melb? Man I gotta get outta here ;(

  15. nup, both pete and i are from melbourne. we actually used to live about 15 minutes from each other, but the first time we met was in tokyo...

    and if i remember correctly, for a while maurice actually used to live in melbourne too...

  16. DOPE set, thanks a lot Chris.

    I'm really fond of Maurice these 3 later months, as I had a comeback to analogic disco and funk and find it pretty much linked (awesome basslines!)

    So thank you again, and keep up with the quality delivery you've made me an addict of!

  17. that is the most beautiful little creature I have ever seen in the title pic....what is it an owl??

  18. awesome!

    ost and kjex is 'Have you seen the moon in Dallas?' (mf remix)


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