Sunday, November 1, 2009

sunday sounds

a short post for a short mix... tin man has quietly been making a name for himself with his very distinctive productions, incorporating old school acid, ambient drones and vocals. might sound like a weird combo, but totally makes sense with tin man. pretty much all his productions are spot on. as far as i'm concerned, this guy is definitely one of the most talented and interesting producers about at the moment. very interested to hear his future releases... anyway, this is a short ambient mix that used to be up on his homepage, which is a good introduction to his more downbeat sounds. and perfectly fitting for a sunday...

tin man - ambient mix

more soon...


  1. downloading. danke schön. time to make myself some coffee.

  2. Thanks for this, downloading now. I would love to see Tin Man play out more, his music is fantastic.

  3. i like tin man too. his voice reminds me of david sylvian.

  4. nice one! Here are my Sunday sounds this time round.

    ben ufo b2b bok bok : taking things in really unexpectd directions.

  5. and here are all my sunday sounds by ray van mechelen (one of my best friends):

    one of the best ambient dj's arround. the guy has his weekly airplay on ...

    Ruimteveer 16 is so ... beautiful ...

  6. the link doesn't seem to be working

  7. Any chance someone could re-up this one?


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