Friday, October 2, 2009

ssg mixes...

just a few notes about our mixes series:

- glad people are digging the latest ssg mix from nuel. i love it. if you haven't grabbed it yet, i'd strongly suggest you do. tracklisting will be up over the weekend.

- we have already been getting lots of questions about whether there will be any mixes from labyrinth. at this stage, we will not be hosting any live recordings from labyrinth. why? there is a pretty simple answer to that: i don't have them. so please, don't keep on asking.

- what we will have, however, is a number of labyrinth inspired sets. of course this is not the same as being there, but we are getting some of the artists who played there to convey some of the feelings, inspiration and sounds from those special couple of days. our next mix will be a 3 hour ambient mix from donato dozzy, which resonates closely with his ambient set at labyrinth. and there are a couple more after that too. so still plenty to look forward to.

- also, we have reached a decision that the mnml ssgs mix series will end in a couple of months, probably december or january. to be clear, mnml ssgs will not be finishing. the blog will continue, and the close of the mix series will allow us to move forward in new and exciting directions. in the future, there is a strong possibility we may start a second series, or a different kind of podcast. and we will likely host guest mixes and artist profiles. but the current mix series will definitely come to a close. why? what we want to do is create something complete. we want to offer a complete archive of high quality mixes from artists we deeply believe in. we cannot do this by continuing the series indefinitely. and we want to go out on top, before the quality gets diluted. this is not a decision we've reached lightly and it something we've thought hard about for a while before concluding this is the way to go.

- so the plan is that we will have an intense couple of months with an onslaught of killer mixes from ssg favourites and debutants, and then it will come to an end. you'll have to wait and see, but trust me, we have a super impressive lineup, which will ensure the series finishes in style. we, along with the artists that have contributed, thank you for all your support with the mixes. i ask that you stick with us, take the time to enjoy and appreciate each mix, and when the series finishes, go back and enjoy the full back catalogue of mixes.

- for now, continue enjoying nuel and get ready for dozz's ambient mix. it is a stunner. the picture below sums up how i felt listening to it for the first time today...

we really consider all our readers a part of mnml ssgs - it is a collaborative effort - so i just wanted to be open about what we are thinking and have planned. i've just started the write up for labyrinth, so that is on its way soonish.


  1. Thanks for all your hard work behind the SSGS mixes so far. They are consistently the best mixes online and your effort is much appreciated!

    Looking forward to the new Dozzy mix.

  2. Considering how this "business" or all the podcast/blog-"stuff" works it looks like a rather brave decision to close the mix-series. Thank you for that.

    As a regular reader it is clear to me the idea is not new. You posted you thoughts about that much earlier and now stand true to your opinion.

    To this point, the series really has a rather coherent feel to it - apart from a few ´casts, which only didn´t quite fit my taste, but I´m sure you had your reasons. And I´m pretty sure all fellow ssgs´lers will follow that decision!

    Until then, i´m eagerly awaiting the last mixes...and by the way: just recently discovered the first mix ever by bvdub. and am absolutely blown away:-)

  3. its sad to hear the mixes will come to an end, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. the mixes have been brilliant, and have introduced me to acts like shed, peter van hoesen, dozzy, cio d'or, silent servant, fengler and more. thank you very much for the mixes and for running an excellent blog. really looking forward to the last mixes. i wish ye all the best in the future.

  4. thanks for the kind words guys, but they are not needed. all the positive feedback we've received about the mixes means we know very well how much they are appreciated. that's why i wanted to explain a bit what our plans and our thinking is. this was not a cheap attempt to score compliments (but of course they are always welcome. haha).

    after dozz, we got mixes from dasha rush, eric cloutier, natural/electronic.system., jay ahern, function, and plenty more. definitely lots still to come!

  5. love this blog - said it before and i've said it again. what you guys have done is unique. the bar has been raised. but, being totally honest (as i know you (chris) will appreciate) the words have, at times, grated. but differences are good and this is a super critical viewpoint. why the grate? well, i am a music nut: wake it, live it, dream it. but sometimes this techno business, it seems to be taken a little TOO seriously. it detracts from the pleasure it's supposed to create. for instance, why not accept the gratitude - why say it's not needed? maybe tones get lost in blog translation? anyway, love the site, respect the manner in which you are drawing to a hiatus. thank you and big respect. cant wait for the upcoming mixes. hope to see you ssgs at bash sometime soon. labyrinth on it like a rash. all the best. jp

  6. so when are we going to get some sets from labrynth??

  7. jimmy...

    i'm really going to ask if you're being a smartass, or you're just daft.

    quoted from the original post...

    we have already been getting lots of questions about whether there will be any mixes from labyrinth. at this stage, we will not be hosting any live recordings from labyrinth. why? there is a pretty simple answer to that: i don't have them. so please, don't keep on asking.

  8. the former.

    i'm one of the people who doesn't take things very seriously here.

    music is awesome but its not the most important part of my life...its an added bonus.

  9. thank god. i almost blew a gasket on that one. hahah.

  10. I'm actually glad the ssgs mixes coming to an end. It literally became my obsession to check this blog for mixes every day...5-10 times a day.

    The mixes are amazing, most of them opening me up to music I would have never found on my own.

    They were all I really looked forward too. The set recommendations are cool too. But I agree with you, it doesn't feel like the "complete" blog. Just a really good music discovery blog.

  11. will you continue to have other sets up from other arists? i.e. steffy @ panorama or something even though you stop the ssg mixes? and please tell me klock/dettmann have been considered for a ssg future mix

  12. @ jp: fair points. in regards to accepting the gratitude, trust me, we are very happy receiving it. my point for saying it is not needed here is that sometimes, to be honest, i am a bit overwhelmed by all the positive feedback we receive and dont quite know how to handle it. all the support from contributors and readers has been such an incredibly positive and beneficial experience for me. i really feel incredibly grateful to everyone for being so supportive for what we are doing. umm, i am not sure if that explains it, but please dont take the comment the wrong way.

    and as for taking techno too seriously, guilty as charged. this is just a reflection of my personality. all i'd say is the good things i've contributed from the blog come from this attitude, even if some bullshit comes from it as well.

    @ last anon: we have not approached klock or dettmann, and it is unlikely we will. the reason is that with the mixes we try to focus on people that dont have many mixes available online or are lesser known names/upcoming names who will feel deserve some spotlight. klock and dettmann dont fall into these categories. there are lots of mixes of theirs already available and everyone knows about them.

  13. Can't you tag your mixes, so those of us that do not have fast internet connections, are able to zoom in on the type of music we are interested in, rather than download (what for us are huge) files to find they disappoint? Or maybe you already do, and I'm missing it?

    Thanks, love your site

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. hmmm I sure know where Danny is coming from. Same. Totally obsessive and my raves to mates and on F/b has has no doubt got my mates well and truly over it. "Bloody music Nazi" accusations.

    Will miss the bejeezus out of the mixes no doubt. On the updside, the exposure and new discoveries these have provided, is priceless and my passion and has been shown new depths / highs and I know I am far from alone here.

    Thanks guys. Truly an amazing, trail blazing site and massive respect to you. Doubly so on some of the heated topics & discussion that has been generated. A healthy thing though I reckon, no matter how frustrating it must have been at times.

    Three cheers !

  16. Am hugely curious to see what direction the blog will take if you do decide to start a new mix series. As a self-confessed musical know-all, it's always great to be put in my place by the force of an acquaintances passion for something new, something I've not been aware of - and ssgs has been the place-putting acquaintance of choice for myself and obviously many others here.

    There was a piece ye did recently about critical criticism, with direct reference to the paucity of expression on the RA comments sections, a stance I opposed because I felt it reeked of conservative snobbery. However, at the risk of seeming hypocritical - again - I thank Jaysus for a blog like mnmlssgs where arguments don't simply boil down to fanmanship, or 'this genre is better than that genre'.

    A comment on RA recently referenced an article concerning the Bristol dubstep scene and its leading lights, Guido, Gemmy and Joker, and stated 'Im sick of hearing about Dubstep.....Its over-hyped rubbish!!!!!!!'. Maddening narrow-mindedness and just plain stupidity - not something you'd associate with the general consensus - if there is one - here.

    Keep moving forward chaps and we'll all still be there with you to see what's round the next corner... ;-)

  17. PLease, please, please let one of the final 'casts be by Jens Zimmermann!

    And looking forward to hearing what you already have lined up.....

  18. Chris, I appreciate the earnest approach you have taken to this blog from the start. And now that you have made the decision that you have, I can do nothing but applaud and admire the honesty with which you have informed us.

    I will certainly miss that little rush I get when I see a new ssgmix is posted, but it is with great anticipation that I am ecstatic for the ssgs to expand it's creative horizons.

    Without a doubt, this site has reinvigorated my passion for the music I love more than just about anything else I can recall. I look forward to enjoying ALL of the mixes for the rest of my days, and am excited beyond words to see/hear what is around the bend.

    Thank you!

  19. always looking forward... never backward. time and time again. thank you ssgs.

  20. >> Can't you tag your mixes, so those of us that do not have fast internet connections, are able to zoom in on the type of music we are interested in, rather than download (what for us are huge) files to find they disappoint?

    You've been disappointed by a ssg mix!?!?!?

    You could also just as easily go on discogs and see what sort of styles the artist has produced, you know.

  21. Just wanted to say good work on the mixes boys, have introduced me to some excellent new music and DJs am totally digging all the Dozzy style stuff. I'm looking forward to whatever new manouveres the site takes - ben

  22. Have you considered Jason Emsley for a mix? Listen to his "Shift EP" (specifically, the digital release), it should sway you.


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