Saturday, October 3, 2009

sunday sounds

somewhere between tokyo and london...

good news. another sunday sounds. sorry these posts haven't been as regular as some people would like, but i am only going to post a mix when i am really feeling it and it fits with sundays... this week i've found one that is just right, and surprise surprise it is from a place called italy. shit, i think this might be italian week at mnml ssgs - first nuel, now brando lupi, next donato dozzy. but the beauty of techno is that it doesn't matter where it comes from. techno transcends arbitrary borders and demarcations. for me this is one of the most beautiful things about techno and one of the major reasons i dislike attempts to fix it to certain places/cities/countries. anyway, this is all a big aside. back to the mix. brando lupi was someone i discovered through his co-productions with dozz, and a lovely ep he did, 'sleeping world' (you can listen to his productions over on his fairtilizer page). i'd searched around for a mix of his without success until dozz sent me this new mix of his the other day. not much description is needed. downbeat, ambient sounds perfectly suited for a sunday. enjoy.

brando lupi - ambient mix august 2009

thanks to dozz and brando for the mix. enjoy your sunday. labyrinth report will finally be up tomorrow, and dozz's ambient mix on wednesday.


  1. This looks like the perfect remedy for tomorrow after all of my sleepless art/DJ shenanigans tonight.
    Nuit Blanche FTW.

  2. i cant wait take these on fairtilizer through iphone...thanx for happy sunday sounds!!

  3. loving this! perfect for today.

    someone happen to know the track that plays at 58:00? with that bassline?

  4. Your Sunday sounds post is a regular part of mine Sunday/Monday mornings, I hope it will become a regular section. Cheers.


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