Sunday, October 11, 2009

sunday sounds: iori

this week sunday sounds is a bit different. instead of posting a mix i've found somewhere, this week's mix is one that has been especially made for the ssgs. recently i've been enjoying the galaxy radio show/podcast by iori, a japanese dj based down in okinawa. these mixes have been perfect for late at night and on the weekends. he has a dj'ing style that really appeals to me: the tracks are played out, the mixing is simple and straightforward, the music is allowed to breathe and speak for itself. my original plan was to post his most recent galaxy mix (which is really beautiful), but then i thought i'd see if he could do something just for the ssgs. luckily he agreed. and as expected, the mix is perfectly geared for a sunday...

iori - sunday sounds mix

thanks to iori for taking the time to put this together for us. you can find his other galaxy mixes over at deeper frequency (you just need to register your email to get access) and more info, as well as some of his productions, at his myspace. i'll add the tracklist in the comments section tomorrow.

have a good sunday...


  1. Three mixes in a row with 'Pub - Summer'

    It's an amazing track and I don't mind listening to it that many times in a mix, but some more creativity would have been nice.

    Other than that, the mix was a perfect way to wake up.

  2. all three mixes were created completely separately of one another. it is my fault for picking people with similar tastes...

  3. Makes sense, no apologies needed. Mixes are amazing.

  4. Cheers. Really loving the high volume of ambient mixes coming from ssgs.

  5. Really enjoying it on this autumn Sunday in Brussels.

  6. I love these sunday sounds

  7. I'm really enjoying those ambient mixes!

  8. can we get that tracklist for this iori mix? really diggin' these sunday sounds mixes. thanks!

  9. sorry, realised i forgot to add the tracklisting!

    1 Terre Thaemlitz / Tranquilizer
    2 Manuel Gottsching / hp little cry
    3 Philippe Cam / Mixte
    4 Francois K / Looking at the star
    5 KOSS / Jumoku
    6 Move D & Benjamin Brunn / RADAR
    7 PUB / Summer
    8 Kassem Mosse / MIKRODISKO2 B2


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