Thursday, October 15, 2009

bits to pieces

if you are anywhere near berlin on thursday, this is where i'd be going. it is killing me i won't be there. the full sandwell gang in force, plus sleeparchive and adam x. there isn't even space for a toilet break with this kind of lineup...

the good news for me, though, is that i'm in london this weekend, which means i get to see gas play at the barbican, then go catch scuba spin at the new t bar. the old t bar was one of the few venues i've been to in london that i actually liked, so i'm keen to check the new version. if there are any other ssgs going, make sure to say 'hi'.

after london, i'll be off for about a week, so probably no posts from me, unless a new ssg mix appears (which is always a possibility). anyway, figured i'd share some new sets before i disappear. most of these i haven't had the chance to listen to closely, but i figure people out there will be keen. so they don't come with the usual chris guarantee, but i reckon you can bank on them...

ssgs keeping themselves busy

yuka - mock sun mix

rossella - biomechanics podcast

delta funktionen - october 09 promo mix

more mixes that taste good

byetone livepa @ MNAC 29.9.09: this shit is fucking ridiculous.

move d livepa @ redbox 3.10.09: listening to this for the first now. i like.

claudio PRC - 2009 mix: more italian talent.

surgeon - DEAF mix: he is definitely on form at the moment.

evad - process part 165: a lovely mix from a good friend of the ssgs.

sheffield bleep - SCR tribute mix: superb. this mix is an absolute delight.


unfortunately they are only available in streaming, but i'd suggest heading over to for mixes from the prologue boys and kassem mosse. and if you happen to be in tokyo, i'd strongly suggest making sure to catch kassem play at module on 23 october. to be honest, right now the scene in tokyo is pretty conservative and uninteresting, so it is great to see some gigs like this are still happening.

ok, that's it. be well ssgs!


  1. i love these posts, cheers chris. heading to gas and scuba on fri too so will be sure to say hi if i see you about. in terms of the new t-bar, its nothing like the old. i wont say whether i like or not...wouldnt want to ruin the surprise! will let you make your own mind up. it has got a very nice funktion 1 rig, that much i will divulge. right, i'm off to see if i can make it to berlin and back in time for the barbican...!

  2. That lineup looks positively orgasmic.

    Also, check out Surgeon's Bunker Podcast, fresh off the presses. 3 hours of f**king with your mind.

  3. Gonna check out that surgeon podcast for sure!

  4. an orgasmic lineup, indeed.

    but gas will be enjoyable too. i saw him perform his audio-visual show chicago here in the states earlier this year; i guess it was his first performance here in years, and it was quite the experience. i remember the storm that night was a perfect after-show soundtrack. if i had to describe the music in one word, it would probably be: foreboding. ironically, i went with a girl whom i had liked enough to give flowers to earlier that day. she enjoyed the gift as well as the concert, and days later we became lovers... but after a few months it didn't work out. sigh, the memories...

  5. Yeehaw, I am attending the party tonight, unfortunately there a a few hours more to go:-)) Can´t wait!

    Delta Funktionen mix is on heavy rotation for several days, gorgeous mix, am keen on checking the others, especially Yuka!

  6. one could also check this fresh streamable live pa set from samuli kemppi @ pacemaker website. it's a killer!

  7. OMFG - what a lineup for that gig tonight !
    Amazing. So seeing as I don't have a Learjet, or Tardis to get me there quick from Sydney, Deepinanyway is just going to have to enjoy it twice as much. Bloody hell - Berlin is IT.

    I will console myself in the meantime with the (yes), very excellent Delta Funktionen 'cast - and perhaps some of these others. Thanks for putting them up Chris.

  8. Looks like a good night — I was at last month's Electrodes & Wires with T++ and Surgeon, the music was as amazing as you'd imagine, but the club (Maria am Ostbanhof) was half empty, so it's a good idea they've moved into the much smaller room for this one. Talking of great line-ups in Berlin, have you seen the 20 year Hardwax night on 05/12? That's definitely worth a European jaunt.
    I'm off to GAS tomorrow as well, didn't know about Scuba, but I may pop to that too. I'll say hello if I see you Chris. Thanks for your continuous SSG work!

  9. yeah that hardwax night on 05-12... i'm going! :-)

  10. Bugger, that's exactly a week before I go over!

  11. why is the byetone mix ridiculous and still recommended?

  12. "Ridiculous" as in ridiculously great! That's how I read it, and that's how I'm hearing it.

  13. Yeah- I'd like to throw some love towards that live Byetone. It is definitely ridiculous. And also really good. Just listen to it. You'll dig what Chris meant in a few minutes- the sound of the bass alone... good lord. Now I know what it sounds like when a Raster Noton artist plays a set you can dance to... it sounds like awesome.


  14. Not only is the Yuka mix lovely, but it serves as the perfect balm for my head after thrashing it with the Byetone! Wonderful how that worked out.

    Thanks for the music- good stuff as always. Here's wishing a free flight to Berlin opens up in my immediate future. Somehow, I don't think it likely.


  15. Thanks for the post!

    I'm almost done with the Move D mix and it has been an amazing ride so far. This guy never fails on me.

  16. wow that hardwax event lineup is even more RIDICULOUS--perhaps too ridiculous for one night. why oh why can't we have stuff like this in the states?!

  17. liking that scr tribute mix, what/who was SCR ?

  18. Don't like the new T-Bar. Feels like a school assembly hall. Liked the way the old one was a bit more open. Best thing is it's free though, so you can leave without feeling cheated if you're not having a good one.

  19. yeah, that rossella mix was a big let down.

    usually love her mixes, but that was definitely a "safe" play, with lots of big-room "minimal" anthem tracks involved.

  20. Sigh... I love Surgeon.

    He is funny, as well:

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  22. what a lineup.

    check berghain one week later.

    Samstag 24.10.2009 Start 24 Uhr Klubnacht

    Function LIVE - sandwell district
    James Ruskin - blueprint
    Norman Nodge - ostgut ton
    Marcel Fengler - ostgut ton

    i will be there. i have to!

    ps. delta funktionen mix ist superb!

  23. @ Todd

    As explained by the Sheffield Bleep bods - 'SCR stood for Sheffield Community Radio a Pirate radio station in the late 80's early 90's in Sheffield UK.'

    Mentasmical mix.

  24. @katrin
    Holy shit... That is indeed another great lineup.

    I really love Byetone but was it just me or was the sound quality kind of really bad at some points?? I could tell it was obviously a really really awesome live show but I couldn't really get into it. I realize I should be thankful I'm able to hear this at all, and I genuinely am, but this just made me want to listen to Alva Noto's Bunker podcast really badly.

  25. @ theyurinator:

    You're right. The sound quality of the Byetone set is awful. Which is a real shame because you can still tell that the show is incredible.

    Visuals from same here:


  26. @Simon
    Thought so... Everybody was so raving about it, for a second I wondered if it was just me...

  27. there isn't even space for a toilet break with this kind of lineup...

    hahah how true!!!


  28. Byetone mix is pure class, seriously filty stuff

  29. Wow, people, check out evad's mix for your headfuck techno fix.

    Might be something wrong with my file but the mix ends early

  30. the 'electrodes and wires' nights always have a solid lineup. i caught the black dog at maria at the start of the year and it was one of the highlights of a six-week techno adventure in berlin.
    i was also lucky enough to make it to L.E.V in spain in may to catch byetone play live and it was the business, the cleanest signals at the highest volumes ..

  31. Hey friends of all things deep and techy.
    A Sunday find to share with you. 67 minutes of Donato Dozzy & Nuel together. Fantastico !

  32. via reliable reports...

    the sandwell party in berlin last week was pathetically attended. about 150 people in a 500 person venue. shame...

    but the new ra podcast is a sandwell mix!

  33. 150 people ? With a line-up like that ?
    And in Berlin to boot. Sad and very surprising - even for a Thursday night.
    On a brighter note, the RA Sandwell 'cast is a little beauty !

  34. @ Srdic

    Cheers for the Dozzy, Nuel link. Monday night is sounding much better now ;)

  35. well...according to other people...

    "everyone in this city would rather go listen to the same mediocre minimal at the same venue they go to every weekend than hear quality techno."

  36. 150? since when did berlin not appreciate straight up techno? i'm a bit perplexed by that. well if they're struggling for a crowd then they should come play london. i'll try my hardest to bring along another 499 personally.

  37. I have been there and yes, I think 150 people might be right.

    I do not attend parties that often anymore and am not so much into the Berlin party-scene, so I try to choose my words carefully, but from my observations so far I would agree to Eric Cloutier.

    My first thoughts that evening were "ok, it´s a thurday night, what can you expect", but I don´t think that this has been really the point.

    The audience looked like it consisted mostly of people who "cared" and surely knew who was playing.
    I have been to places like Watergate as well on a thursday night, and they played crap music (i.e. crap in the ears of us ssglrs), but the names were better known and the venue was very well received. But I guess most people had not been there for music´s sake but for the party.

    So yes, it has been sad on the one hand, that there have been so few people at Sandwell´s party. But on the other hand that might be the price for the more "underground" stuff that I do care for.

    And at last this reflection may link to PC´s new post: Consider what might happen to Function and Regis playing only peaktime at huge venues...

  38. Thanks a huge huge amount for the plug Chris. here is the download link for those who dont like streaming... for the Kassem mix anyway.

    the Prologue and mine will be up in a week or so once the shows come off the feature pasge of Samurai... they are at too if you cant find them!!

    those in Tokyo, hope you can make Module this Friday! should be a cracker with Kassem promising a liveset and some records too... cant wait!!!!

  39. did anyone attend this?

    wondering what an oni ayhun set is like. can't really tell from a five min video. it doesn't seem like oni is doing much, but it sounds nice.

  40. also, I'm pretty sure that's Olof Bjorn Dreijer!

  41. @ jeremy: thanks for the video. all i'll say is be patient and with a bit of luck, you'll hear more of how oni sounds soon...

  42. Move D liveset is freakin' awesome.

    The first track does not stop amazing me.

  43. Sandweel District set in Berlin... waiting...

  44. I help Adam out with the E&W parties. He said they were not expecting more then 200 people for Electrodes & Wires. Sandwell District night. The event was organized with only two weeks promotion. Function wanted to hook Silent Servant up with a show while he was in town visiting. So they put the event on together very last minute.

    Thursday is not a not a big techno night out in Berlin. I went and it was raining hard on the night and very cold out. The weather surely put a damper on the night. If anything they were surprised that the majority audience that was in attendance left when Silent Servant started at 3AM. He played a great set. Why the guests would leave at 3AM after Sleeparchive play such a good show was hard to make sense of. I don't ever recall seeing a good party in Berlin empty out so early & quick.

    The Surgeon/T++ night at Maria had a decent turnout. Unfortunately Adam was not aware that Leisure System had also planned their event at Berghain on the same night. That most likely effected the turnout by a 100-150 people or so at both parties. Many people I know were torn on which to attend.


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