Friday, October 2, 2009

mx38 - nuel: tracklisting

glad everyone has been enjoying nuel's ssg mix. here is the tracklisting for it, full to the brim of seriously quality producers.

mnml ssgs mx38: nuel

pub - summer
moritz von oswald trio - pattern 3
fluxion - atlos
g-man - luftblasen
question - untitled
alex cortex - untitled
sigha - bruised
mikkel metal - kenton (marcel dettmann rmx)
planetary assault system - the watcher
jesse somfay - a closing out of the sky
pan sonic - hapatus (jg wilkes edit)
silent servant - discipline
claro intelecto - a piece of mind
154 - apricot


  1. i knew i had a few of these tracks, but my mind is still scrambled after the jetlag of returning from japan.

    good to see that old fluxion in there!

  2. Anyone happen to know the releases those untitled tracks are one?

  3. does anybody know which pricise Alex Cortex track is it actually?

  4. i asked nuel about the alex cortex track. it is on the lp, 'laconic', on source records.

  5. so glad that i listened to this before i saw the tracklisting. i let it work as a whole rather than seeking out the tracks i knew/have. really great mix. thanks once again for continuing with the high quality.

  6. Guys, the track 25 min with the heart wrenching gorgeous strings ... I can't work it out form the track listing and suspect it may be one of the untitled tracks. Perhaps the Alex Cortez / Laconic ? Tried to get some sound bites but can't find any. Anyone know per chance. ?
    That's a must buy.

    BTW - I love this so much I have to share - Brock Van Wey "White Clouds ..." THE most stunning ambient and dub on Echospace. CD02 is an Intrusion rework. (Check RA for review)

  7. Wahey - a G-man tune that isn't Quo Vardis!!

  8. @Srdic

    It's definitley 'Alex Cortex - Untitled A3' on the Laconic LP.

    I listened to the samples on hardwax. Only problem is I can't find the digital release. I have to invest in turntables!

  9. @Danny - hey thanks for that. May have tracked it down on CD.


    this set from nuel is unreal!!
    listen to it twice a day maybe..


  11. Easily one of the best sets of the whole series. Only problem was that it was 1 hour. A set covering that much ground needs more time to breathe.

  12. Just heard this now... incredible. Does anyone know the ambient track at the very end after the Claro track? Or is the same song?


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