Monday, September 28, 2009

mnml ssgs mx38: nuel

we've had a bit of a much needed rest with the ssg mixes, but now we are back for more, and this is the first in a series of killer mixes on the way...

mx38 comes from one of the ssgs' favourite countries, italy, care of nuel. when i was in london in june, i talked to donato about who he'd suggest we approach for mixes. his immediate response was nuel, the man he has co-produced the first two aquaplano records with. unsurprisingly, dozz was on the money and nuel has delivered a really beautiful mix for us. this is what nuel said about it:

"it's me, (with my good records, my mistakes and my pindaric flights between musical genres). being without a studio i chose the 'one take live' approach, with no edit at all... and i like it because i think it's alive and true."

alive and true. yep. that is a pretty accurate description. what really appeals to me about nuel's mix is the flow and tempo. the distinguishing feature is a very slow, but distinct build, with nuel gradually warming things up over the 60 minutes. this is a high quality mix, one that reflects the skills and talent of a mature dj who really gets it.

mnml ssgs mx38: nuel (direct dl)
soundcloud mirror

building on the success of the first two releases, in october nuel will release a solo ep on aquaplano ltd, which is a sister label for nuel, donato and their other close friends to release some special projects on. nuel sent me his release a while ago, and it is definitely one of my favourite eps of 2009 (and it has already been charted by dettmann). it evokes a similar vibe to the other 2 aquaplanos, but also clearly demonstrates nuel's own sounds. my favourite is the A2, which is a lovely ambient track. keep an eye out for it at hardwax in the coming weeks.

big thanks to nuel for taking the time to put together this mix. for more info, check his myspace. ok, that's it. enjoy the mix. more soon...


  1. What a great start to the week! This has definitely made my morning, thanks ssgs.

  2. Nuel / Chris - this is a cracker, thanks so much. That pic sums things up perfectly.

  3. Downloading now. Perfect time match. This day is already safe:-)

  4. Thanks! Great return! Just started listening, but hearing Moritz von Oswald Trio in a mix always makes on happy.

  5. Submerged in the sound.Great mix, thanks.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you Chris and Nuel! I REALLY needed a mix like this today!

  7. He dropped "pindaric" like it was a rare record, and I trainspotted by checking

  8. Nice finish with my favorite Claro Intelecto track.

    Thanks for the new mix!

  9. You beaudy.
    Discovering mnml ssgs in itself was a revelation and then within that, Dozzy, Nuel, Cio and Delta Functionen have been each in their own right, revelations (hmm and lots of Beatport purchases now as a result). Plus of course plenty of other great producer / DJ's since. Thanks guys.

    Now we have new Nuel to start my / our day.
    Grazie !

  10. nuel mix is sooooooo... DIG it anywayz!!! ;-)

  11. And there was me starting to think this whole 'ambience with tuff beats' thing was starting to become a little tired. Not when it's done with this degree of attention to detail, technical know-how and good, old-fashioned musical intuition - the stuff that makes sparks fly.

    I have to say, 2009 is the year I rediscovered a certain kind of gutsy, emotive ambient music. The stuff of Dozzy, D'Or, BV Dub and now Nuel. The ephemeral, ethereal new-age muzak I got used to being described generically as 'ambient' has been replaced by this Detroit-inspired, German-tooled precision-engineering and along with dubstep's sharklike forward momentum has been my biggest musical revelation of the past few years.

    One question though, based on the vertiginiously high standards of the majority of these mixes - do you psyche these guys up before they deliver or what? Where so many podcasts/ mixes/ etc sound phoned in, the ssgs ones are always bursting with invention and love of the music.


  12. Lovely mix!!! But whats the second last track? Love it. Thanks in advance.

  13. hey,

    please can you tell me where you got the amazing picture of the scuba bike please?!


  14. the scuba driver is manuel himself while smoking a deep j. it's clear!

  15. @Marzie. Well said ! Couldn't agree more.

  16. tracklist will be up in a few days, so don't worry. you'll get it all soon.

    @ dan: nuel sent me that pic. said he found it on google images when searching for aquaplano. he thought it fitted nicely. i agree.

    @ marzie: with the mixes, i think there are a couple of things - we do give artists a specific mandate in terms of asking them to dig deep. plus the bar has been set so high, it forces each artist to step up. and, most importantly, we've been very lucky connecting with the right people who really get what we are trying to do and deeply care.

    and if you are digging the ambient, good news, the next ssg mix is a 3 hour ambient mix from dozzy...

  17. "the next ssg mix is a 3 hour ambient mix from dozzy..."

    I just died and went to heaven.

  18. this mix is fantastic. one to return to frequently i think.

    also news of a new ambient dozzy mix makes me happy. thanks

  19. Tnx Nuel for this one... One of my favorites on these series... I listened first time over the clouds some days ago.... and this brought me higher and higher.. RESPECT Nuel and Tnx to Chris

  20. awesome crossover-journey

  21. awesome crossover-journey

  22. been listening again to this one a lot lately

    really really exceptionally good and deep stuff

    "One question though, based on the vertiginiously high standards of the majority of these mixes - do you psyche these guys up before they deliver or what? Where so many podcasts/ mixes/ etc sound phoned in, the ssgs ones are always bursting with invention and love of the music."

    my sentiments exactly marzie


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