Sunday, September 13, 2009


another pic from just near my house

exactly one year ago i was in the hills of japan at labyrinth. those few days had a very big impact on me. with mnml ssgs, it gave me a much firmer idea of what to do with it and all the possibilities open. the music itself was from another planet. some of the most amazing experiences from all the years listening to techno were across these few days. i also began building strong connections with some really beautiful individuals. one of these special people i met at labyrinth has come to play a very, very important part of my life and i am deeply grateful i met her there. simply put, it truly was a life changing experience. yesterday i was thinking about these things, especially as it became clear just how powerful the connections that were built at labyrinth and through mnml ssgs are. the 12 months following labyrinth were incredibly difficult and challenging, definitely the hardest part of my life. the experience and memories from labyrinth, the friendships i formed there in japan and through the ssg cyberspace, the incredibly positive and powerful energy and feedback around mnml ssgs, the close support and friendships of my other ssgs, and the love of someone very special, all these helped get me through a dark part of my life. and now, as i move towards better and brighter things, it is great having all this support and momentum, much of which has been somehow tied to ssgs.

so these are the thoughts circulating in my head as i prepare for labyrinth again this year. for a long time it looked like i wouldnt be able to go, but once again the techno gods listened to my prayers (thereby confirming my theory that they live at the old liquid room in tokyo). the thing about labyrinth is that it is not just about the amazing lineup. or the ridiculous sound system. of course, they are the focal point, but it is more than that. it is a group of likeminded people gathering, creating and sharing something incredible that you cannot feel in other context. for a couple of days you leave all the crap behind and you just lose yourself, it is a process of renewal that prepares you for the next 12 months. from my own experience and talking with others, it feels this is what labyrinth is about.

last year my time at labyrinth were some of the best days of my life. and, as i said, it had a very powerful and positive impact on my life. i am expecting the same this year. actually, i am expecting it to be a lot better than last year. sorry, i'm not writing this post to make everyone not going jealous, i just wanted to share some of the thoughts going through my head yesterday when the depth and strength of the connections i have built up through labyrinth and mnml ssgs was demonstrated very clearly to me.

soon i'll depart for an intense, amazing stay in japan. for all our ssg regulars who cannot come to labyrinth, you'll be there in spirit. and for the rest of us also there in body, i'll see you there. it is time to enter into the labyrinth.


  1. Man is where his mind not where his body is.

  2. I find it pretty strange that I'm getting excited for Labyrinth and I'm not even going. The only event that has ever done that too me.

  3. @Danny The power of the Labyrinth... I hope one day you can join us all there.

  4. things just got more exciting:

  5. I hope every Ssg who goes to this has an amazing time.

  6. put it down at labyrinth everyone!!
    can't wait to hear about it/listen to it.

  7. well i am sure you can still get some plane tickets and come join us...

  8. Sweet post Chris. See you soon.

  9. hope everyone has way too much fun at labyrinth. looking forward to reading all about it. [very jealous...]

  10. Picking up a ticket and flying to that festival spontaneously would have been by far the craziest thing I´ve ever done...nevertheless, I really thought about it...but it wouldn´t fit this year..but maybe next year...who knows:-)

    Apart from that.. when thinking about it I have to admit that all that sounds around the ssgs shaped my taste of music a lot over the past year. It became some kind of lighthouse in the neverending flood of releases. A big THANK YOU for that. Have a really great time over at japan, don´t you dare not telling us about it and hopefully see you next year!

  11. @ markus: thanks, the lighthouse role is one we were definitely aiming it, so glad we are succeeding. i know some people dont like us and that's fine, but for many people there seems to be a lot of positivity and shared energy around ssgs, and it has had a tremendous impact on me too.

    i've got a ridiculously busy month coming up including 2 long haul flights, but will find time to keep the posts flowing and provide a full report on the labyrinth...

  12. I'm going to do something I don't do very often and give in to pure altruism in wishing all those ssgs going to Labyrinth - when I can't - the most seriously fucked-up and mind-blowing of party times.

    The heartfelt, passionate and intellectually/ emotionally generous postings on this site have been one of the key things leading me back to all things electronic and innovative.

    Keep pushing things forward ladies and gents - but don't forget to enjoy yourselves at the same time.

    The rest of us will want the full, messily glorious details...


  13. your write up last year convinced me to go this year. different venue being in Niigata this year. but should be fantastic none the less... unfortunately its the last one for the foreseeable future. see ya on the dance floor!


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