Monday, September 14, 2009

sunday sounds

sorry for things being a bit quiet round here. pete has been super busy and i've been super sick. makes for a bad combo. anyway, a quick post because it is sunday, so something for your afternoon (this will also cheer you up if you are reading it on monday morning).

the first i heard of joy orbison was in SCB's ssg mix. after finding out that last track was from orbison, i checked out his my space and discovered this mix. besides that, i don't know shit about him, except there is a lot of hype and discussion around his new record, hyph mngo. well, this mix certainly isn't dubstep. mainly old school, downtempo jams. like the awesome jackmaster mix i posted the other day, this mix just makes me really happy. it is a lot of fun.

Thriller - Genie
Floating Points - Love Me Like This
C.O.M.B.I. - It A Late
Eddie C - Make It Better
The Revenge - Night Flight
B.W.H. - Stop
James Pants - We're Through
Alicia Meyers - I Want To Thank You
Fudge Fingas - DinsDins4Dada
Bumblebee Unlimited - Lovebug (DK Edit)
Arthur Russell - Hop On Down
Nite Jewel - Weak For Me
The Samps - Traincummings.....
C.B. Funk - Subway To Cologne
Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

ok, that's it. thanks to everyone for yesterday. i'm finally feeling a bit healthier. off to japan later in the week for labyrinth. pumped. hope you all are well... and if you have any mixes for sunday, feel free to put them in the comments.


  1. dope! love the kate bush track.
    also had no idea LA stoner rock dudes were making disco (the samps).

  2. check out the Joy Orbison - DLDRMS001 Mix too, it's pretty stellar


    01 Pearson Sound – "Indelible" (Aus)
    02 Karizma – "Drumz Nightmare" (R2)
    03 Nu-Birth – "Anytime" (Locked On)
    04 Tonya Renee – "About You (Karizma Boucha Remix)" (Home Recordings)
    05 Altered Natives – "Rass Out" (Fresh Minute Music)
    06 Joy Orbison – "Smother" (DOLDRUMS)
    07 Efdemin – "Acid Bells (Martyn Remix)" (Curle)
    08 Shed – "Selection One" (Soloaction)
    09 Ultramarine – "Hooter (Carl Craig Remix/JORb EdiT)" (Real Soon)
    10 Joy Orbison – "Tentative Bidding" (DOLDRUMS)
    11 Martyn – "Hear Me" (3024)
    12 Joy Orbison – "J. Doe" (DOLDRUMS)
    13 Joy Orbison – "Hyph Mngo" (Hotflush)

  3. thx 4 that!
    lovely mix like the jackmasters one.

    your link makes my day. again!

    best healthy wish from germany!


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