Friday, September 4, 2009

set up!

this is where i now live. i am not in tokyo anymore...

i've been getting a lot of really awful migraines over the last fortnight. the reason i'm mentioning this is that it has changed my usual listening habits. i've had less music playing, and most of the stuff i have been listening to has been ambient and easy on my poor head. one recent release that has been keeping me company is "monochromes" by t 'um. really beautiful soundscapes. you can hear some of it and see some accompanying images at their site, so give it a go. anyway, normally before i post sets i like to give them all multiple listens and be sure they are up to scratch. i try my best to act as a filter for you all. because of my fucked up head, this time i haven't had a chance to listen to most of these sets properly. but from what i could hear, they all sound pretty nice and are from reliable artists. and i figured you guys would be getting keen for something fresh. so here you go, but keep in mind the caveat that these have not been as closely filtered as usual.

move d @ nachtigital 1.8.09: just listening to this for the first time now. so far i've got through 40 of 261 minutes. lovely, lovely sounds. i must admit, i've gone off D's productions a bit lately (i'm not sure why exactly), but he has fantastic taste in records, and his dj'ing has really improved from all the gigs he has been playing. nice.

stewart walker - livepa for i'd been meaning to ask walker for a ssg mix for a while, but was holding off because the books are pretty full right now. and these guys beat us to it. nevermind. the sounds are out there, and that is the most important thing. i felt walker had lost his way for a bit, but this is the 2nd recording in a row i've heard that has really impressed me. this has plenty of unreleased material, which bodes well. i've been a fan of walker for a long time, so i'm glad to see he is getting back into form.

scuba - hotflush podcast03: if the SCB ssg mix wasn't enough evidence, he is further proof of why paul rose is one of the most essential talents in the business right now.

seth troxler - keepin whores of the street mix: trox has become a total podcast whore. i've lost count of how many different mixes he has done in 2009. but. but they've all been incredibly fresh, funky, and totally essential. keep 'em coming. i ain't complaining.

eric cloutier - projektion07: i haven't been able to listen to all of this yet, but i've got faith this will be the first quality mix in a pretty weak podcast series. eric is moving from strength to strength as a DJ. he has agreed to do a big post-labyrinth ssg mix for us, which i am very, very excited about. i'm expecting big things from this man over the next 12 months.

kevin gorman - august cookery: again, i haven't given this a proper go yet, but it is kevin gorman, and i'm yet to hear a dud mix from him. it looks like a good serving of fresh techno.

jackmaster - tweak-a-holic 2 mix: unlike the other mixes here, this is one i have listened to. a lot. it could even be my favourite mix from the last month. lots of old, fun records. listening to this just makes me happy. and it has old school madonna, which is a cheap route to my heart.

well i've gotten further through the move d, and it is still hot. this is shaping up to be the best mix i've heard from him in a while. guess i'll find out if he keeps together. i hope this, and all the other ones, are up to scratch. i have a feeling they will be...


  1. Thanks, will be keen to check them out.

    Has anyone heard the Kyle Hall Fact Podcast, really liking that aswell


  2. Awesome post again! Cant wait to get home tonight and check out the move d mix. If that picture is your room view, you look like living at an amazing place. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Txs for you effort to make this the most interesting electronic blog on the net...have fun and take care. may we see you @ the Naeba Greenland soon ;)

  4. As always, thank you so so much Chris. Looking forward to hearing, well, all of these sets! Hopefully your head gets better. SOON!

  5. thanks guy. i've taken today off work to get healthy.

    listening to the D set. now about 2.5 hours in. it is really good, but i am starting to tire - the sound/vibe is very, very consistent throughout. perhaps too consistent for my tastes.

    and i took the pic about 5-10 minutes walk from where i live. it is nice, but way to isolated for me...

  6. i don't know, compared to a global podcast like mnmlssgs, the projektion series may seem "weak" but they are just a bunch of midwestern guys trying to give a breath to something that needs it. i'll say that most of the mixes, though not from big nutz artists necessarily, are seriously top notch. i'd respectfully challenge you on it being the "first" with a mix like derek plaslaiko's in the line-up. give it a listen and keep the faith. hopefully the next few will find your fancy. :)

  7. @ the last anon: i don't think the location thing makes much of a difference. ssgs may be global, but that's because we've chosen to be. if you look at the pic above, it is pretty clear i am not exactly living in techno central.

    i'm very willing to admit i am a picky bitch when it comes to mixes and podcasts, so i might be being a bit harsh. but right now there is an absolute flood of podcasts. every week there is a new one. so i think there has to be something which really justifies a series, makes it worthwhile and stand out from the million other podcasts. i haven't heard that in the projektion series yet. but i am subscribed to the 'cast and would be very happy to have my opinion changed.

  8. thanks for linking to my blog & the seth troxler mix...hope ya'll also enjoy the last mix i did on there...check it & please leave a comment!

  9. that cloutier mix is one of the best mixes i've heard all year, right up there with the SCB ssg mix from last week!

    i concur with the statement regarding the projektion podcast series being somewhat weak. however, their artist direction could be ALOT worse, and for that they definitely deserve some credit.

    very much look forward to any future mixes from mr. cloutier!

  10. woah that SCB is the hottness - different from his podcast for ya'll (which was awesome as well). Thanks for pointing it out and looking forward to listening to the rest of the 'casts from your list over the long weekend!

  11. listening to move d... funny, i remember that i was looking for a friend at about 59 minutes in...

    @chris it might be consistent, but that just highlights one of the problems with live sets being put up without context on the web. while move d was serving this set at nachtdigital festival, you have to imagine that the only alternative was listening to dj koze going waaaaayyyy over the rave edge outside... i didn't like it at all... and move d was just the perfect counterpoint...

  12. @ kamo: i don't think that the set being so consistent is necessarily a problem. and you are right, i am sure actually there it would have created an amazing vibe. you can feel it through the recording.

  13. So in pointing this set out to Seth, he said this set is just his Ibiza-Voice podcast that they retagged as their own. Bizarre and somewhat shady, if you ask me.

    Still a damn good set, though!

  14. Monochrome is an amaaazing journey, totaly in love with that, same with this whole site and all that tips in an ocean of sounds!Cio

  15. yea i was just gonna mention that to cloutier...they ripped his ibiza set. and it is a great one, though an actually new mix from him would be cool too.

  16. chris is there a way to get a mirror for stewart walker? is unable to open since some days. looks like they got site probs.

    would be great :)


  17. I'm in love with this kevin gorman set! anyone have a tracklist for it?

  18. @ last anon: check gorman's myspace for the tracklist.

    re troxler, i only listened to the ibiza cast once, so didn't realise. lets hope nobody is ripping off the ssg mixes!

  19. best batch if mixes i have seen in a while..

  20. @Kamo

    Was Move D playing vinyl, cd's or both? I like the vibe of the set and makes more sense after reading what you wrote on the balance to DJ Koze on that particular night.
    You can here a lot of his mixes going on, some a lil' dodgy at times, but I don't mind hearing that honestly, gives me hope hearing the big guns being human. His tracks are pretty much bad ass though.

    Thanks for the tip on the mixes Chris!

  21. no one says THANKS for the jackmaster mix?

    its awesome!!

    makes me happy too THANKS !!

  22. Seconding the Jackmaster love - Donna Allens' Serious is ace face!

  23. I'm absolutely loving this Move D mix. I had only known so much about him from his productions on Warp, but I had heard online that he was quite the DJ. The vibe on this is simply otherworldy and deep. Since I'm a pretty big deep house person, I could enjoy this mix all too well. There are some amazing tracks served up in this mix, and Move D demonstrates alot of versatility between mixing of it all. I could of only imagined what that experience could of been like live. And yes, i'm not living in techno center either (Pittsburgh, only five hourse away from Detroit) but as a DJ it's good to hear more forward moving sets that display where the music is going in all of it's very expansive and obtuse directions. ssgs does that very well and I have to commend you for hosting a wide variety of quality mixes showcasing all of these great artists. It helps me to stay current with what's going on in the techno world even when disconnected location wise from where this music is really allowed to come alive (when I say that, I mean have a respective audience of people who actually seek the music out and have a knowledge of where it's going and where it has yet to go.


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